Choosing the Right Paper Packaging for Your Needs


Though most larger companies worldwide do not keep handwritten paper business records, there has been a massive increase in the demand for paper packaging material in the last few years. In Asia and most developed countries, citizens are increasingly ordering food, beverages, and other items online, so that they can be conveniently delivered to the address specified. To ensure that the items ordered are delivered in good condition, it is necessary to ensure that quality packaging is used. Asia pulp & paper consumer packaging is one of the most popular brands of packaging material available and some of its features are discussed below.


One of the main considerations while selecting a packaging material is the strength of the packaging material and the weight or load which it can carry. While the packed product is being transported, it is often handled roughly, using machines, and thrown from a height. In these cases, the force on the packaging may cause damage to the packaging due to which it may get damaged, and the items packed may also get damaged. Some of the items may develop scratches or a few items may fall out of the packaging and get lost. Hence it is important to ensure that the packaging is strong enough so that no item will get damaged or fall out, even under the worst-case transportation conditions. Usually, the packaging material manufacturing will specify the tensile strength of the material which is supplied.

Environmental friendly

Another consideration for choosing packaging material is that it should be eco-friendly, and is biodegradable. Often the most eco-friendly packaging material can be easily recycled, and in some countries, the packaging is reused up to eight times. Additionally, the packaging material should be sourced from sustainable sources, so that forests are not cut down since this causes global warming. The largest paper companies have their own plantations where farmers grow trees which are then used for making pulp and paper. Additionally, the companies have effluent treatment plants, which treat the polluted water before it is released into the environment.

Food and beverage products.

Increasingly people are ordering food and beverages for home delivery to save time and money. Compared to packaging electronics, home appliances, and similar products, where preventing damage is a major consideration, it is also important to ensure that the packaging is non-toxic. The packaging should not interfere with the taste of the food. It should also not be affected by the high temperatures of the food or beverage being packed, the packaging should not melt or leak. Packaging liquid and semi-liquid products is challenging since the packaging should not absorb water and moisture from the product.


Companies are manufacturing a wide range of consumer products whose dimensions, chemical, and physical properties will differ. Additionally, each business will want the packaging customized with company details like brand name, logo, and colors. It is necessary to ensure that the supplier of the packaging material is able to customize the packaging according to the customer’s requirement so that the products can be securely transported.


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