What happens during a Bitcoin IRA Review?


Unfortunately, the world of cryptocurrencies is still rife with uncertainty. Regulation is being developed as we speak, and even then, investors may face some risk. When you’re purchasing an investment such as a self-directed IRA, you probably want to make sure that you’re making the right decision. Therefore, it is important to seek professional advice. A cryptocurrency IRA review will help give you a better understanding of the risks and rewards of investing in a Bitcoin IRA. Here’s all you need to know about a Bitcoin IRA Review!

What is a Bitcoin IRA?

Bitcoin IRAs from Viva Capital are IRA accounts that store Bitcoin rather than traditional investments. Bitcoin can grow with you, adding more Bitcoin to your account as it goes up in value. Bitcoin is not the only cryptocurrency you can store in an IRA, but it’s the most popular. It’s also interesting to learn that if Bitcoins are stored in a wallet outside of an IRA account, they are still taxable, although typically at lower rates.

The process of a Review

One of the most important parts of investing in Bitcoin is understanding what is involved in a Bitcoin IRA review. A Bitcoin IRA review is carried out by an independent financial advisor who will go over the details of your portfolio, history, and goals with you. The Bitcoin IRA review may occur over the phone or online through email or video chat.

The main purpose of a Bitcoin IRA Review is to see whether this type of investment will be profitable in the long run. It’s important to compare the Bitcoin IRA with other investments so you can see which one is your best bet.

Why should I invest in a Bitcoin IRA?

There is a lot of debate on whether or not investing in Bitcoin is a wise decision. Some say it’s too volatile, and others argue that the currency is only increasing. No one can tell for sure, but if you want to take a shot at Bitcoin and see what happens, investing in an IRA account is the best way to do so. A Bitcoin IRA Review will show you how to go about getting started.

The difference between an investment review and a custodian review

Whenever investors want to sell an investment, they must complete a custodian Bitcoin IRA review. This is because the custodian holds securities in the account, and the broker-dealer or advisor has no ownership interest in them. The investor can then complete an investment review, which will allow them to keep the shares and only move the proceeds from their holdings to another broker-dealer or IRA custodian.

How to find the best custodian for my needs?

In order to find the best custodian for your needs, you should consider a few things, including: 

  1. Fees: What will they charge in terms of annual fees? 
  2. Platforms: How user-friendly is their platform? 
  3. Support: Do they offer 24/7 customer service?


The Bitcoin IRA Review concludes with the decision about which Bitcoin IRA provider to invest with. Given the variety of options available, it is important to have a thorough understanding of each company’s features and capabilities to find the best fit for your needs.


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