The History of Men’s Suspenders and Their Role in Today’s Fashion


Suspenders were necessary for every man, and they should be, even today. The high-cut trousers that were synonymous with male fashion made it practically impossible to wear belts “back in the days.“

It has become a norm for suspenders to be in-and-out of fashion throughout history. For instance, after World War 2 in the 1920s, suspenders disappeared, but the fuller-cut trousers in the 1940s led to suspenders’ revival.

Since they are coming back, you may not get your desired look in a brick-and-mortar store, but you can always buy online. Today, there is a full resurgence of men’s suspenders not just as a piece of clothing like it has been in the past, but a fashion staple for men, thanks to wall street.


So, what happened, and why are suspenders not that common with many people compared to belts? 

During World War 2, men wore belts in war rather than suspenders, becoming accustomed to uniform belts. After the war, many held onto the belts and transitioned from suspenders to belts. However, as mentioned earlier, that was not the end of the suspenders.

It has become common for suspenders to return briefly and then fade away throughout history. Although, unlike the U.S, in Europe, it’s quite common. This is because suspenders have become a necessary fashion statement to make men stand out from the other guy in the room wearing similar clothes. 

With outsourcing manufacturing to Asia, it has become a norm to find the clothes you have. Almost everybody in the room has the same clothes, more like a fashion uniform.

 So how do you stand out? Men’s suspenders.

Suspender Today

Suspenders have evolved with time. It’s not just any piece of clothing holding your pants anymore. There are different types of suspenders, and the variety is to ensure you get your desired fashion statement unique to your style of clothing.

The popular ones are the clip-end suspenders, and as the name suggests, it features clips on the end of each suspender, making them easy to attach to your pants/trousers or shorts.

Then there are the button suspenders with a long history compared to any other modern suspender. You can also combine the clip and button suspender to have a combo suspender. As the name suggests, these suspenders come with both the clip and button ends, and it’s up to you to decide on which one to use.

The Fashion Rules

Suspenders these days come in different materials. You can have ones made from leather to any other material that ensures quality and durability. No matter the material, it is essential that you pay attention to differences in suspenders’ shapes.

Men’s suspenders that cross in the back are the X suspenders. If there’s no crossing in the back or front, that’s an H suspender. The final shape is the Y suspenders, characteristic of a suspension meeting at the mid-back, then going down the waistband in a strangle line.


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