We have spent three years of research and experimentation on the best ways to grow your hair. We have taken all this data and created a system for you, so that you can finally find out how to make your hair healthy and get the style that is just right for your face shape, age, and personality. How to avoid hot roots on gray hair?

1. How to fall in love with your hair.

Love your hair!

The first rule of the Curly Hair Method is that you need to learn how to love your own curly hair.

2. How to care for your hair.

Basic treatment for healthy hair.

While being able to grow beautiful and healthy curls is important, it’s not going to mean anything if you don’t know how to take care of them! We want you to be confident in knowing how easiest and most natural ways there are out there for you in achieving that goal. The Curly Hair Method teaches this new way of thinking about caring for our curl patterns. It is a breakthrough concept that we have developed, tested, and perfected over the last three years… after years of failed attempts.

3. How to take care of your hair during styling.

Basic styling techniques for curly hair.

Nothing is more personal than your hair, so we want you to take the best care of it that you possibly can… and that means treating it right every day! It doesn’t matter whether you have straight hair or curly hair, or even whether you’re going for a casual look or a special occasion look – proper care is essential for any type of style! And if you piece together the correct concept and technique at every stage of your styling, then one day the perfect hairstyle will just come to you.

4. How to take care of your hair during your daily routines.

Basic routines for healthy hair.

The Curly Hair Method teaches you how to make all parts of your daily routine healthier and better-for-you. It’s the best way to make sure that you have the energy and health you need, as well as the freedom from harmful toxins in order to live a beautiful, long life!

5. How to take care of your hair at night.

Advanced Night Routine for Healthy Hair.

If you want healthy hair, it’s going to take a lot of time and dedication to make sure that every time you put it down you are doing the right thing in order to keep your curls full and as healthy as possible. The beauty of this method is that it turns sleeping into a form of exercise, and helps us build up our cells so that we have energy throughout the day.

6. How to take care of your hair while away on vacation.

Basic guide for staying healthy while away on vacation.

We all want to go away on vacations. The Curly Hair Method gives you all the tools you need to make sure that your hair and body stay as healthy as possible while you are away. It doesn’t matter where you travel or how far, every time that you have healthy curls is a time well spent!

7. Basic Step by step guide to hair growth.

The basics of hair care in a nutshell.

If you’re a little unsure about how long it’s going to take for your curls to grow out and how much it’s going to cost in terms of time or money, then don’t worry. In this article we have broken down the basics of hair care into an easy to understand, step by step guide for anyone.

8. The Dos and Don’ts of taking care of your hair at home.

The dos and don’ts of care at home.

At the end of the day it’s just hair, but how you take care of it is a big deal! Following our method will make sure that you are using the best products possible, cleaning your scalp regularly, and taking care of your hair in a way that will help your curls grow as healthily as possible.

9. Basic routine for maintaining healthy curls at home.

Basic routines for healthy curls at home.

Whether you want to take your curls from curly to straight, or if you just want a simple way to make sure that your hair is always conditioned and healthy, chronicling the daily habits of taking care of your hair will make sure that you’re always feeling good about the way that it looks!

10. How to grow long healthy hair!

How To Grow Long Hair The Natural Way!

You don’t have to have long curls in order to have beautiful hair. Our article on ‘How To Grow Long Hair’ teaches you the natural process of growing longer strands in a way that is good for your hair, body and health as a whole.

11. How to care for your hair before coloring it.

Basic guide for taking care of your hair before coloring it.

Before you color your hair, you need to take special care of the health of your scalp in order to make sure that you can go through with the process without getting headaches or unwanted results! The Curly Hair Method teaches you how to do this, and how long you need to leave it on in order for the best results.


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