Deadly Bloom | Borderlands 2 | What Does it Mean Theoretically?

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The Borderlands 2 “Deadly Bloom” is a weapon that can inflict immense damage upon an unshielded enemy, but the question of whether the Deadly Bloom actually causes physical harm or just psychological trauma is not one that can be answered.

There are varying schools of thought on what exactly the weapon does to an unshielded enemy. Some people believe that it does inflict massive damage and hence cause physical harm, while others maintain that it does not cause any actual injury and instead inflicts psychological trauma.

Regardless of which camp you belong to, these schools of thought provide no answer as to what effect this weapon has on shielded enemies.

Here is some more information about borderlands 2, what do you mean theoretically?

Classical Views on Deadly Bloom

In classical philosophy, there are two schools of thought that are relevant to the issue of whether or not the Deadly Bloom causes harm. 

These schools of thought are that of rationalism and empiricism – rationalism maintains that reason and logic can be used to understand the world around us, while empiricism believes that only sensory experience is valid. 

What is Physical?

Whether or not physical harm is inflicted by this weapon depends entirely on whether you believe it actually causes physical harm. If you do not believe it causes physical harm, then there can be no debate as to whether it actually does so.

Here are some more points discussed about Borderlands 2-


Poison is a substance which affects the health of the victim, killing them slowly. It has several forms, such as through ingesting or breathing in poison, applying poison to a weapon for use offensively, or being poisoned. Poison is also often referred to as toxins .


When a person is affected by Toxicosis ,It affects the respiratory and circulatory systems and can be fatal.

Toxicosis consists of symptoms caused by a toxin that are not caused by infection or other illness. It can occur from exposure to something harmful, but does not require an underlying medical condition.


Many effects of Borderlands 2 are debilitation and reversible, but some of them are not. The Deadly Bloom is debilitation and reversible because it can be washed off and then reapplied, but lethal toxin is not. 

Lethal toxin is a substance that causes death by poisoning, typically by being absorbed through the skin or by inhaling.

4.Our Brain:

Our brain has a lot of cells called neurons that communicate with each other. When you experience a strong emotion such as anger or happiness it can lead to changes in your brain through neurotransmitters, for example dopamine. 

However this does not necessarily mean the Deadly Bloom actually affects the person’s brain. 

5.The Brain:

Since our mind and our body are not separate things, it is possible the Deadly Bloom could affect both parts of our personality. This can cause confusion and therefore psychological trauma such as PTSD.

The brain is a part of your body that controls many things such as breathing, coordination and other bodily functions as well as having a great influence on how you feel.

6.The Brain Emotions:

The brain and emotions are very intertwined. Many of the brain’s functions are linked to emotion. For example, the frontal lobe of the brain is involved in reasoning, planning, problem solving and decision making. 

Thus if the Deadly Bloom were to influence one of these areas, such as reasoning or decision making , then there is a possibility it could affect a person’s emotions such as happiness or sadness .

7.Psychological Trauma:

People may have different reactions to psychological trauma and therefore have many different ways of dealing with psychological trauma. Some people may even recover from psychological trauma and some people may get PTSD .

8.Psychological Trauma:

The different reactions to Borderlands 2 also depend on the person’s coping style . A coping style is how a person manages stress or other difficult situations. There are many different types of coping styles. 

For example there is problem solving, which involves dealing with the situation at hand by changing something or trying to understand why it happened; emotional support, which involves talking about your feelings with someone else or doing things that make you feel better; and avoidance, which means trying to forget about the stressful situation or distracting yourself from it.


It is impossible to say whether or not this weapon causes physical harm to enemies because no one knows how it actually works. It is possible that it causes physical harm because many people believe it does, but others believe it does not . 

This is because the Deadly Bloom is a very controversial weapon. If you believe that the Deadly Bloom does actually cause physical harm to unshielded enemies, then there is no need to re-apply the effect for a period of time.


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