The 4 Most Important Steps of Earning Your Group Fitness Certification Online

Group Fitness

Group fitness certification is among the fastest-rising career paths, given the many benefits. Exercising in a group setting can be a motivation for some people. A group fitness certification will enable you to lead a group of people in certain exercise routines to help them get socially in shape while having fun. 

What Is Group Fitness Certification?

Group exercise certification refers to an accolade presented to an individual who has been trained to lead, teach, and guide individuals in group exercise classes.

 If you’re looking to acquire your group fitness certification online, here are 4 essential steps to get your certification at American Council on Exercise (ACE) fitness:

1)Get Your Group Instructor Prerequisites

 Have you decided that becoming a certified group fitness instructor is the right choice for you? Have what is required to enroll for the training. Many certification bodies like ACE fitness require you to be at least over 18 years, possess your government-issued photo ID, and have a high school diploma. 

2) Select Your Preferred Group Fitness Certification Program Online

 Several online group fitness classes are available, from dance, aquatic strength, body-mind, to bodyweight training. Be sure to get a program that best interests you. With a rise in demand for group fitness services, a couple of certification institutions are available, and choosing a credible program can be daunting. 

Here are 3 questions to guide you towards a suitable program:

  • Is The Institution Accredited?

The national commission for certifying agencies (NCCA) is the body tasked with validating the health and fitness industry; therefore, make sure you choose an NCCA-accredited program if you want a simple program that will meet your expectations.

  • How Long Will the Training Take?

If you want to gain a solid background in your training, ensure that your online program offers adequate time to cover the course outlines.

  • Are There Any Successful Alumni from The Program?

Everyone wants to thrive in their career path! You want to choose a program that provides sufficient training to help you stand out in the job market. Be sure to inquire about some of the successful trainees from the instruction. The American sports and fitness association is a good example in this regard, as they post their various clients and certification programs on their website

3) Dedicate Time to Your Coursework

Once admitted into your favorite program, your goal is to focus on achieving your goal of having a group fitness certification. Most group fitness certification programs will comprise online practice quizzes, readings, and video lectures. You want to ensure that you have a stable internet connection to attend all your classes.

4) Pass Your Exam

If you’ve studied hard and focused on your coursework, you should be eager to sit for your exams. Passing your exam will earn you the certificate to be a group fitness instructor, after which you are free to practice.

Earning your group certification online isn’t difficult, but it requires patience. It’s essential to be well prepared by setting your goals and getting your prerequisites, identifying a suitable program, committing to studying, and most importantly, passing your exams. 


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