Here’s how to beat the Taco Bell coin game every time


No one likes those frustrating moments when you’re just about to triumphantly take your first bite of that taco, only to find out that the grub is an illusion. Nearly every night at my house, my dad and I take turns playing a game we used to play in our childhoods: The Taco Bell coin game. 

We each choose two different sauces on a plate and then flip them over to see how many coins are in the jar: 10 coins for salsa, 20 for sour cream and cheese, 30 for nachos — whatever. Eventually one of us will get lucky enough to win the coin challenge before sending me back to the fast-food sanctuary where he works as a manager.

In the meantime, I’ve been thinking of ways to cheat this coin game and have come up with a few tips. For one, if you are lucky enough to be flipping over 10 coins for your salsa pick, then don’t choose cheese. 

There is a very good chance that you will win. If you don’t — and most people don’t then it’s pretty likely that the remaining sauce had more than 10 coins in it. If I were faced with those odds, I would choose salsa every time no matter how much nachos cost compared to the other sauces.

Here some points are discussed taco bell coin game

1. Mind numbing process.

Although the game can be very fun in its own right, I really don’t understand why anyone would play this game for more than a few minutes. The prospect of staring at a plate of food that is only going to have a handful of coins in it is enough to drive anyone insane. 

You are apt to be playing this game many times throughout the night, so it only stands to reason that you will get extremely tired of it after a while.

2. Disposable pop culture references.

Because the coin game has been around for many years, there are multiple references to other Taco Bell products in the mix as well. Some of those references appear to be “taco shell” or “taco taco” jokes. There is nothing wrong with these jokes and they make for some pretty funny jokes, but the fact that they are in the mix has the effect of making the game seem entirely pointless.

3. The coin pile was an annoyance.

In addition to being a source of immense boredom, having all those coins on your plate often proves to be very annoying and distracting for other people at the table. This isn’t a problem if your family or friends all like each other, but in many cases there is going to be at least one person who doesn’t want you to play this game at all. 

In these cases, you can simply ask them to put the coins back on the plate for you. However, if you are at a restaurant or something like that then all those coins may be gone before you’re able to re-claim them.

4. The coin game is an excuse for laziness.

If someone asks you what’s taking so long and why it’s taking so long for your food to get out of the kitchen, just tell them that they have to wait while they “flip the coins” or something like that. If they are particularly annoying, just tell them that it’s a “Coins-only date!” in order get rid of them quickly and painlessly.

5. The coin game is a way to fool your friends.

This can be particularly annoying when you go to someone’s house and they have decided to play the coin game with you instead of playing a normal game of Flip Cup or something like that. The worst part about this is how often it happens. 

You are looking for an excuse to leave an awkward situation when your friend starts in on this stupid carny game, so you want to be as responsive as possible in order to prevent yourself from being seen as rude or rudely responding to their idiocy.

With all these issues, it’s easy to wonder why anyone would actually play this game. I guess there are some people who like coin collecting and you can’t really grouse about that. My problem is more with the wasted time it involves and how unnecessary it is for people to play at all in my very humble opinion, of course. The worst part is that it’s not even fun in its own right.


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