6 Fast-Growing Nursing Fields


In a world in constant need of quality medical professionals, the nursing field is growing at an exponential pace. As the field grows, future nurses have options to find the best fit for their individual skill sets. Finding the fit that supports your personal and professional goals will help you enjoy high job satisfaction over time.  

As you enter the field of nursing, you will find that there are different perks depending on which specific field of nursing you work in. No matter which nursing field you end up in, there are numerous benefits to pursuing a career in nursing including competitive pay, flexible hours and the satisfaction of knowing you are helping others.

Nursing Field #1: Labor and Delivery Nurse


As the population continues to grow, it is no surprise that there is a high need for more labor and delivery nurses out there. Not only are there numerous benefits to this specific field of nursing, including snuggling babies, but the salary for being a labor and delivery nurse is competitive and enticing. 

Nurses that work in the labor and delivery department often mention how unique their specific field is as you develop strong relationships with your patients. Becoming a new mother is an emotional experience and many new moms become attached to their labor and delivery nurses while in the hospital. If you are looking for a well-paying field of nursing that also has high rewards when it comes to making an impact, being a labor and delivery nurse would be a good fit for your career. 

Nursing Field #2: Pediatric Nurse

If you enjoy working with kids but you are more interested in working for a smaller practice of doctors, being a pediatric nurse may be a good fit for you. This field of nursing has been on the rise in the last decade as many pediatricians have opened up independent private practices and are in need of quality nurses. One of the many benefits of being a pediatric nurse is the flexible schedule that can come with working for a smaller medical practice. 

As a pediatric nurse you will do typical nursing duties such as routine exams and prescribing medicine. However, one of your most important roles is bringing comfort and support to both children and parents as they navigate different illnesses. This growing field has the potential for you to make close to six figures once you gain experience after a few years. 

Nursing Field #3: Nurse Practitioner

Becoming a nurse practitioner is an honorable endeavor and a highly respected field in the world of nursing. While this booming nursing field may require a little more time in school, it is well worth the effort. Becoming a nurse practitioner means needing a masters degree as well as specific certifications.

 However, because of the lack of needed primary care physicians there has been a high demand for nurses with a NP degree. Working as a nurse practitioner means you are often in charge and making decisions for both patients and other nurses. If you enjoy a fast paced work environment and a leadership role, this is a good fit for you. 

Nursing Field #4: Nurse Anesthetist

Becoming a nurse anesthetist means joining the field that has grown by almost fifty percent over the last decade. This fast growing field of nursing is highly sought after for many reasons. As a nurse anesthetist you will have a flexible schedule with one of the higher paid nursing salaries out there. 

Nurses that work in this field report high job satisfaction as they are often highly respected by both other medical professionals as well as their patients. Working as a nurse anesthetist  also means that you are given trust and autonomy at your job. While you do need to be detail oriented and a high achiever, if you have the skills for this specific field of nursing it is definitely worth pursuing. 

Nursing Field #5: Mental Health Nurse

As the world continues to adjust and grow with new technologies and information, mental health needs continue to be on the rise. Working in the mental health field as a psychiatric nurse is an incredibly rewarding career. With mental health nurses constantly needed, there are ample job opportunities available within this field. 

One of the benefits of this career choice is developing meaningful relationships with your patients. As a mental health nurse you may also be offering some counseling services and working to support your patient for the long term. This field of nursing can also be one of the more well-paying fields and may allow for salary growth of up to six figures in income. 

Nursing Field #6: Travel Nurse


As the world becomes more and more transient, there is a constant need for nurses in all parts of the world. Because so many careers have moved to remote working, people are able to travel more than ever before which has changed the dynamics and needs in the medical field as well. 

Traveling nursing has risen exponentially over the last few years. As a travel nurse you will likely be stationed somewhere for a shorter period of time. Some of the best benefits of being a travel nurse is that your housing is often paid for and you tend to make more than other nurses as compensation for being willing to relocate. Being a travel nurse means that you get to experience new opportunities around the world while also having job security. 

Whatever field you end up choosing for your nursing career, you will be part of a rapidly growing workforce that compensates well. Becoming a nurse is a rewarding job that gives you purpose for your career. Finding the field of nursing that is right for you takes a little bit of time and research, but once you find the right fit you will be on the path to a rewarding career. 


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