Stocking Stuffers Gift Guide Edition


If you’re looking for a present for that person on your list who has everything, save the hassle and purchase these inexpensive yet thoughtful stocking stuffers. The person on your list will be full of smiles as they unwrap their stockings!

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1. Kindle Paperwhite ($120)

When you’re shopping for relatives or friends who have an Amazon Prime membership, it’s easy to buy them something pricey in lieu of the gift cards everyone loves receiving. 

Amazon steers you to its Kindle line, but this Paperwhite is the gift that keeps on giving: it’s also a great reading machine for adults. People who own Kindles will love the bigger, easier-to-use screen and lighter weight of the Paperwhite. Compatible with Amazon Instant Car.

2. Cozy Foot Warmer ($42)

This cozy foot warmer is the perfect stocking stuffer for people who would rather read a book than lie awake in bed while they snuggle their toes. 

The cozy fleece lining and relaxing heat will have them re-energized quite fast! Not only is this the perfect gift for people who love their feet, it’s also a great gift for the whole family. That’s because the Cozyfeet gives them comfort in those winter months when they have to spend more time indoors than outside.

3. Personalized Christmas Ornament ($29)

If anyone on your list is a fan of snow globes, then you should get them one that really makes a statement. These personalized ornaments fit perfectly inside any stocking and will delight anyone who enjoys collecting unique holiday decorations. 

They are made from authentic blown glass and their designs capture the enchantment of Christmas with holiday-themed scenes that are exquisitely detailed. These ornaments are not only a great gift for friends, but also for relatives that live far away from home.

4. Himalayan Pink Salt Lamp ($32)

A warm and welcoming addition to any room, these pink salt lamps offer a pleasant glow that helps shed light on dark days without the need for bright lights. The salt absorbs moisture in the air and releases negative ions as it warms up, which mimics nature’s own negative ion generators. 

This lamp is perfect for anyone who loves to unwind with a glass of wine or watch TV in their favorite reading chair before bedtime. A bedside lamp can be placed nearby when they need to get up and use the restroom at night.

5. iHome Bluetooth Alarm Clock ($38)

If you’re searching for a unique-looking alarm clock for adults, the Mini iBT93 is for you. This is the ultimate gift for someone who wants to keep up with their favorite music. It’s small, but it has some big features on board such as an FM radio tuner and an auxiliary input port when they want to listen to their smartphone. 

This device also has a built-in speaker so they can quickly start playing their favorite music instead of fumbling around with tangling wires just to start the day right. They can also synchronize their phone to the clock overnight and wake up with it playing their favorite radio station.

6. 2 Pack Fuzzy Footie Slippers ($20)

For people who are always on the go, these fuzzy footie slippers are the perfect stocking stuffer that they can comfortably wear when they head off to work or out for a run. 

The fleece lining on the inside helps keep their feet warm and cuddly while at work, while on their commute, or even when they’re relaxing at home before bedtime. They can be worn indoors or outdoors due to their rubber soles, and they’re even machine washable.

7. 5-Mode LED Slippers ($29)

Another option for people who are always on the go is these great slippers with a built-in LED strip along the heel, which glows in 5 different modes that can be adjusted with a touch of a button. 

They’re white and black, so they will match any outfit, but it’s the soft memory foam lining that makes them so comfortable that people will never want to take them off. They’re not just for women, either. The men on your list will also appreciate this gift as it offers a lot of versatility as well as comfort.

8. Unique Gift Cards ($25+)

If you’re buying for someone on your list who goes to the same place every year for Christmas, then why not get them something unique and instead of giving them a gift card that they will never use, get them something that they cannot easily find in their local area? 

This could be an iPad or an Amazon Fire Tablet since they’re both affordable yet powerful enough to withstand the wear and tear of everyday life.


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