The Secret to Making Your Athleisure Look More Luxe

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Athleisure is a fashion trend that has seen a huge amount of growth in recent years. It’s great to have an outfit that you can wear for anything from going to the grocery store to going out on a 

Friday night, but it can be hard to look stylish and put-together when wearing athleisure. 

Luckily, there are some wardrobe tricks that will make your outfits chic and envy-inducing.

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Although there are many things that can make athleisure outfits look fashionable, one thing that can make or break a super casual athleisure outfit is when you accessorize. 

If you’re not really into accessories and are using only your shoes and a bag, you need to start thinking about it more. Keep reading to find out what accessories will help bring your athleisure outfits together mentally so that they look chic, chic, CHIC all the way!

1) Skirts

If you’re going for an athleisure outfit, a skirt can be tricky to accessorize because you may not want an injection of color. If you do want a solid color skirt, be sure to wear something that is clean and casual. To avoid looking like your outfit is just as casual as your sandals and bag, go with a neutral neutral or dark neutral color.  

Skirts can be tricky to accessorize since they add another layer to your outfit and may be difficult to match with accessories. If you’re going for an outfit that mimics an athleisure look but still has some semblance of fashion, you can always start by adding a statement necklace or other jewelry piece to your outfit that will stand out without being too busy.

2) Tights

Tights are a great accessory for any outfit because they can add warmth and texture. If you’re going for a casual, everyday look, you can wear a pair of tights that are one color and are either opaque or sheer with a skirt to create an athleisure outfit. 

Tights aren’t just for athleisure outfits, however. You can use them in other outfits, too! If you’re going to the office (if your office has a dress code), you can match a dark colored pencil skirt with opaque tights. Tights are also great in cold weather if you don’t want to bundle up on top but still want the warm feeling of additional layers.

3. Skater Skirts

Add an element of style to your athleisure outfit by adding a skater skirt. Skaters skirts work with all kinds of outfits and are great to add some fun to a bland outfit. If you’re using an opaque, neutral colored tights, you can pair your skater skirt with flat sandals and a neutral bag that will help set it apart from your athleisure gear. 

You can also go for the opposite assumption: if you’re going for a more fashionable look for the day or night, wearing comfortable shoes is great but wearing cute (but not too cute) heels is even better.

4. Belts

Belts are a great way to accessorize because they can add an element of color without adding too much bulk to your outfit. If you’re going for a casual look, you’ll want to keep your belt neutral. 

This can be done by using a black or brown belt with a neutral color skirt, shoes and top that have enough of their own natural color.

If you’re going for more of an athleisure look, however, you may want to match your belt and shoes. Make the statement by completing the outfit with nude heels. This will add some extra pizzazz without making the outfit too casual or too flashy.

5. Accessories

The fastest way to make any outfit look fashionable is to utilize accessories. This doesn’t work on every outfit, but it does work for the most casual of outfits. There are a few things that you can add to your outfit to instantly make it look more expensive: jewelry, hats, scarves and bags.

For the most part, you can accessorize your entire outfit and make it look couture if you include a few accessories. If you’re going for an athleisure outfit, however, it’s best to stick to jewelry, hats and scarves. 

These will help expand your wardrobe by making it easy for you to wear more casual outfits that still look like they were made by a professional designer. Start with a necklace (preferably big), then add a hat or scarf that is neutral but trendy. Finish with a bag that is small but goes well with the rest of your outfit.


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