Why Are Children So Obsessed With The Wall Street Journal


One of the most popular newspapers among children is the Wall Street Journal. If you were to walk into any elementary school classroom in America, you would find stacks of copies of The Journal on every student’s desk—alongside math and science textbooks. I understand why this is happening. Which newspaper features dot drawings? Which one has the funniest cartoons? Wall Street Journal ; the answer is Wall Street Journal. Why Are Children So Obsessed With The Wall Street Journal? Children are fascinated with everything that has to do with money. 

They want to get rich fast and sometimes even before they’re born. They want to be billionaires and play in front of cameras called paparazzi. However, there is something about The Wall Street Journal’s user-friendly design and wide distribution that makes children even more interested than adults. The Wall Street Journal covers a wide range of topics that are perfect for children to study, including economics and finance. Younger Americans are more likely to be invested in stocks and bonds than older Americans, so they have more complicated financial literacy questions than their parents do––and these questions will only get more complicated as they grow older.

Why Are Children So Obsessed With The Wall Street Journal :

1. The Dot Drawings

Wall Street Journal uses simple line drawings to explain complex ideas. Children can easily understand these drawings because they do not require any knowledge of finance, economics or business. The illustrations are very geometric in nature, and the drawings are fun to look at and do not look threatening. 

One of the most popular graphs used in The Journal is called The Big Picture; it allows you to see how every industry is doing on a given day. It also shows which industries have moved up or down since last week. Children can easily draw conclusions from this chart when they are done with class, so they can go home and share it with their parents, who love to listen to them talk about stocks and bonds anyway. 

2. The Cartoons

The Wall Street Journal has many different comic strips. Whose Line Is It Anyway? is a favorite because it tells a story with the help of many different characters who are all doing something that isn’t normal for other people. For example, one character might be in a grocery store buying all of the most expensive fruits, while another character might be buying up all of the scratch-off lottery tickets. 

Another favorite comic strip is called Sullen Teen, which describes what an average teenager does when he or she gets home from school on any given day. There are also more traditional comic strips such as Calvin & Hobbes and FoxTrot . There is something for everyone in The Wall Street Journal. Children can relate to these characters because they are doing the same kind of things that they do on any given day when they return home from school. This makes reading The Wall Street Journal fun and offers children a chance to have some creative freedom.

3. The Page Rules

Most of the articles in The Wall Street Journal tell readers how to make money with their investments. So, it is important to know what The Journal tells you is okay to invest in, especially for young children just learning about money. There are rules about investing and not investing in common stocks because it can be very dangerous for younger Americans. 

A good rule to remember is to only invest in safe, low-risk investments. The safest and most logical of such investments are those that mature in twelve months or less. Because The Wall Street Journal is a popular newspaper for children, parents should read through The Journal’s investment advice before allowing their children to invest in a stock or a bond.

4. The Journal Is Not Just For Children

The Wall Street Journal is not just for children; it is also for adults as well. They have different sections: the Money and Investing section tells readers how to make money with stocks while MoneyWatch tells readers how they can save money on everything from movie tickets to computers. 

There is a lot of money to be saved on everyday costs, so adults are encouraged to find out how they can get ahead financially. Adults also read The Journal because it is a very well-written newspaper. The Wall Street Journal is not just for children; it is for all Americans.

5. The Journal Offers Many Chances For Children To Speak Out

One of the most popular features in The Wall Street Journal is called the Reader’s Tribute. Throughout the paper, there are often small stories about people who have been affected by events that have happened in the lower 48 states. 

These people send letters to The Journal and they tell their stories. Other kinds of letters also appear, such as ones where children describe their most embarrassing moments. These kinds of letters are perfect for children to practice writing in general, and they can’t wait to send it off to The Journal so that it can get published so that they can brag about it on Facebook or Twitter with their friends all over America.


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