Get This For The People On Your List Who Already Have Everything


Your list of people who have everything just got a little more interesting, with our top gift ideas for the person who already has everything. 

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What do you get for the person who already has everything? Shocking but true: you might not know as much about them as you think. You could ask them, or scroll through these gift ideas to see if anything catches their eye:

1) A Desk Clamp ($50).

“This is perfect because I can’t find a place to set up my laptop and all I need is a clamp and some bar stools. It’s perfect!” 

“This is the perfect gift for me because I’m always looking for a way to put my laptop on my dresser or nightstand! So this is great!” 

2) A Figurine of Their Favorite Movie Character ($60).

“I’ve wanted this for forever and I think it’s a great gift. I have no clue who it’s of, but I really love the movie.” 

“I just saw the movie, and really liked the character. I’d love to get this for my BFF.” 

3) A License Plate Frame ($15).

“Seriously, I’m always losing my keys! I’m gonna buy this right now. It’s a great gift idea and it’s low-cost.” 

“This is great because my car has never had a license plate frame and anything to jazz it up is a good idea! I’ll buy it right now.” 

4) A personalized sign ($30).

“This is a great gift idea! I love my name and this is a fun way to display it. I’m getting the one that says ‘Home is where the heart is’ and that’s what I live by. It’s a great message.” 

“I love this sign because I am always looking for ways to display my name in my house. It’s such a great idea!” 

5) A Plastic Cupcake Carrier ($40).

“I’m gonna buy this right now! I think it’s a great idea. It’s so cheap and it’ll be something I can use. I always run out of my plastic containers for leftovers.” 

“This is perfect for me because we always eat food in a plastic container and it’s such a great idea!” 

6) A Trinket Box ($10).

“I’ve had this on my kitchen table for years, so why not gift it to someone else!” 

“I’ve been wanting to get rid of my old trinket box forever and this is such a great gift idea! It’s under 50 bucks and I love the sentiment. I’m so buying it now.” 

7) A Pillow ($30).

“I need a new pillow and this is a great idea! I’m getting one for mom and dad too!” 

“I always wanted to get rid of my pillows, but I never thought about getting new ones. This is the perfect gift for me.” 

8) A Pajama Set ($60).

“I need some pajamas, and these are just my style. I’d love to get them!” 

“This is such an amazing gift idea. I really love the style of these pajamas, so I’m gonna buy them right now. They’re under $60 and they’re totally me.” 

“I need these pjs and they are a great gift idea. They’ll be perfect for Christmas!”

9) A Quality Leather Journal ($23).

“I love leather products, so this is a great gift idea! I’ve been meaning to get a new notebook for awhile now.” 

“Is there anything better than getting someone a leather journal? Nope, nada. It’s such a great gift!” 

“I love leather products and this is a great gift idea because it’s under 50 bucks. I’ll buy it now.”  (How about you?)

10) A Hamper ($50).

“This is such a great gift idea! It’s under $50 and it’s not that expensive and I need a hamper. I love this idea.” 

“I’m gonna get this for my mother in law because she has tons of things to wash, and it’d be perfect for her.” 

“I’ve never had anything like a hamper, so I think it’s a great gift idea. It’s under 50 bucks too! That’s so cheap!” 

“My mom has long laundry days, so this is the perfect gift for her. I want one. This is under $50 too. So cute!”

11) A Book ($30).

“I love books, and this is a great idea. It’ll keep me busy in the summer!” 

“‘The Girls’ by Emma Cline. It’s been on my list forever. It’s a great gift idea for me.” 

“I need a book for my kindle, and this is the perfect gift! I’m so excited to read it. It’s under $30 too!” 


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