3 Reasons Why You Should Send Sympathy Flowers to the Bereaved


A Tough Situation

Funerals are always sad to some degree, even if they represent someone who was in pain and finally becoming free of that pain. The thing is, even if you’re not the person who has been bereaved, it’s important that you show them sympathy; if not for their sake, for yours. After all, someday you’re likely to be in the “bereaved” category yourself.

Also, it’s said that the level of attendance at someone’s funeral is often indicative of the impact they made in life. A small funeral with few people there is a sad affair indeed. It could be that you’re the only one who sends anything. With these things in mind, the following are three strong reasons it’s important to send sympathy flowers to the bereaved.

1. Showing You Care

The first and most obvious reason to send condolence flowers involves simply showing those who have experienced a loss that you really care. That’s the primary purpose of condolence flowers, and they represent a fine gift, as generally, associated bouquets are cut. So the flowers perform as intended at the moment, then expire as the bereaved person’s grief ebbs.

2. For Your Own Closure

When you send condolence flowers to the bereaved, a collateral consequence is that you will help yourself get closure as well. In the wake of a tragedy, you’re going to feel like you should do something. The thing is, doing something for the sake of doing something is almost always a bad idea. It’s better to do nothing if you don’t know what to do.

Accordingly, especially if you know the deceased, send flowers of condolence to the bereaved. You’ll show them you care, and you’ll feel as though you’ve done something worthwhile; as though you’ve made the responsible choice in the wake of such sad information.

3. As a Message to the Community

This was outlined in the opening paragraphs of this writing: when you send flowers, there’s a secondary message which comes with them. Now, if you send the flowers directly to where the funeral takes place, that’s going to send a slightly different message than if you send them directly to the bereaved. Either way, though, a message will be sent.

When a bereaved person receives many bouquets from many people, they know that the deceased they’ve lost was loved. When they receive a few bouquets, the opposite message may be sent. So when you send it to them, you show that somewhere in the community was someone who truly cared, and that can be quite important.

Helping Overcome Tragedy

Sending condolence flowers is good for you, and it shows the bereaved person you care while additionally helping them manage their grief. Also, you get closure, and you’re collaterally sending a message to the community.

There are many other reasons why it’s worthwhile to send condolence flowers. The bottom line is, this is a compassionate thing to do.


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