8 Benefits of Learning Mandarin: Tips for Successful Learning


Chinese is the most widely spoken language globally, with “official use” status in Taiwan and Singapore. Accounting for approximately 9.98% of the world’s population, Chinese is spoken predominantly in China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan, with a minority also existing in Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, and Vietnam. You can easily learn Chinese courses in Singapore online without much hassle.

The rise and growth of the Mandarin language can be attributed to China’s influence on the world’s economy. For instance, today, China is the largest goods exporter, accounting for 9.6 % of the global share. Their influence in global business has made traders develop an interest to learn Chinese and ease interactions.

To date, learning Mandarin is an excellent move to keep up with the new trends in tech and business. Bilingualism and multilingualism are becoming more common, and as such, many consider Mandarin as a valuable language. Here are the benefits of learning Mandarin Chinese today.

Connect with Billion People in the world

Learning Mandarin is an investment that will take you places, literally. Not only will you understand more about your Asian background, but you also will be able to speak with 1/4 of the world’s population.

With most businesses being digital and conducted online, knowing Mandarin can serve as a beginning of a wider career path and fill in the gaps to a current position. It brings connections beyond borders and opens the possibilities for sky-high career aspirations.

Traveling Made Easier

Knowledge of the Chinese language can be very helpful in your travels through China. Speaking even a couple of words in the local language goes a long way toward making a good impression on the Chinese people you meet.

It is certainly more polite than just barging in and expecting everyone to speak English. It also makes traveling much easier since you will not have to rely on someone else to interpret or road signs for you.

Economically the right choice

Learning Mandarin is also an economically smart decision. China has a population of over one billion people. If you learn the language, there are many opportunities for employment available throughout this country. There is also an increase in demand for English teachers.

Therefore, as the economy continues to grow and progress, more jobs will be available for those who know Mandarin well.

Unlocks the opportunities of working abroad

The Chinese economy has been snowballing for the past 30 years. The demand for skilled workers has increased enormously, especially in engineering, finance and accounting, management, education, and health care.

In addition to the potential for higher salaries and better living conditions, being bilingual also opens up a whole world of new opportunities. For example, you could:

● Work for an international company.

● Work in the tourism trade

● Work as a translator or interpreter (a field in which Mandarin is particularly useful)

● Study at a university in China or at any one of thousands of universities worldwide that now teach Chinese as part of their courses.

Excellent Exercise for Your Brain

Learning Mandarin is an excellent exercise for your brain. Despite being a tonal language, it’s very logical and structured. You can easily start small and make progress that builds upon itself.

Those with large vocabularies tend to learn at a faster pace because when trying to express an idea, the language forces you to be specific with your words.

It will Improve Your Creativity

Learning Mandarin is a perfect way to unleash your creativity. Here’s why: A single word in Chinese can have as many as five different meanings. By learning a new language, you’re given more choices of what to say, and you can use it in more ways.

Appreciate Chinese Culture and Foods

Expats who learn Mandarin will find that it gives them a greater appreciation for Chinese culture. They’ll be able to understand signs and advertisements, so they’ll know what stores offer what kinds of products and services.

This knowledge will allow them to shop more effectively and save money on items they need. It will also improve their overall quality of life in China since they’ll enjoy Chinese dishes such as baozi better), rice noodles, or xiaolongbao.

Tones and Dialects

One thing that makes Mandarin so rewarding is that, unlike most other languages, it has multiple spoken versions with very different sounds, grammar, and vocabulary depending on their originality.

However, all of these dialects are mutually understandable except those outside the main cultural area. This means that even if you know only one version of Chinese, you can still understand speakers from different parts of Asia. And if you get a chance to travel or live in another region, you can probably understand them as well.

Tips for Successful Learning of Mandarin

Many people want to learn Mandarin, but a few make an effort. However, the majority of those who enroll in Chinese learning classes find it hard to grasp the language and end up dropping out. Luckily, if you are finding it hard to grasp characters in the Mandarin language, we have compiled cutting-edge tips to help you succeed. Keep in mind that it’s not rocket science but passion and pure hard work. Let’s explore

● Try to associate each word with an image or object to remember it better. This is especially helpful when memorizing vocabulary words, as they tend to be more difficult to retain than grammar rules or phrases. You should also always practice reading and writing Chinese characters because only through constant practice will you master them.

● You should also try to read books written in Chinese and notice how the characters are used in different words and phrases. You will start recognizing them quicker this way, and then using them yourself when writing and speaking Chinese will become much easier for you.

● Be Patient: Learning any language takes time, so don’t get frustrated if you aren’t mastering it instantly. It takes most people several months to learn the basics of a new language. If you are dedicated and practice often, you will succeed in learning Mandarin.

● Immerse Yourself: Learning any other language requires that you immerse yourself in the language as much as possible. Spend time with people who speak Mandarin, watch movies and TV shows subtitled in Mandarin or have them translated for you into English, read books in Chinese and listen to Chinese radio stations online or on your iPod. The more you surround yourself with the language, the faster you master it.

● Get motivated – If you lack enough motivation to learn a complex and challenging language, then you may find it hard to grasp it. To easily comprehend the Chinese language, you have to show interest in their movies, Tv shows, or even radio stations. These movies will help you easily relate to Chinese characters with words, thus improving the grasp of the Mandarin language.

In short, there are incredible benefits of learning mandarin that go well beyond the language itself. Although many people may find Chinese characters difficult to learn to read and write, once you set goals and use effective learning methods, you can be a fluent reader and writer within a few weeks.

However, I’m 100% sure what is holding you back from learning Chinese is mainly a lack of motivation. So remember to stay motivated, work hard, and remember to practice makes perfect.


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