8 Things Every Covington Movies Lover Should Know


There are a lot of things that a person may learn when they go to see a movie, one of those is the type of theater they’re going to see. One such place is the rc covington movies 3 theater and it has been around since 1985. It serves as one of the many places in Covington that you can pick from for your next movie night with friends or for date night with your lover. This article will discuss some basic aspects about what this theater has to offer and why everyone should make sure to come check out their own local Covington movie theater.

1. Covington Movies Theater is Located On The Same Grounds as the Covington Convention Center In Covington, Kentucky

The Covington Movies Theater is located on the same grounds as the Covington Convention Center. This makes them two great places for a movie night for large groups of people or for a large convention that might be taking place during this time. This also makes it easy to find, simply find where the convention center is located and you’ll be able to see the movie theater nearby.

2. Movies are Only $10 per person on Tuesday Nights

The Covington Movies Theater has Monday Night Shows, which usually feature only one show a month. This can be quite expensive. But on Tuesday nights, you can see a movie for only $10 each for the whole length of the movie. This is great because it’s a night where you don’t have to pay as much money and you’ll still see a great movie.

3. The Shows will Feature Sponsored Movies

Covington Movies Theater has been featured in many national magazines, often with commercials in them. These ads feature commercials that are sponsored by companies and they’ll be shown during the movie. This means that if you see a commercial for something that you like, you have a chance to win prizes by going to the movies.

4. There are Usually Lots of Fun Activities After the Movie

This is an activity that every person should try at least once while they’re out to see a movie. The activities can include bowling which is included in your ticket price, or even just simply seeing what’s playing at the theater that night. There are so many different things for people to do after seeing their favorite movies, which gives them some great memories of their own.

5. Parking is Widely Available Near the Theater

This is an aspect that everyone worries about when they see a movie. There’s always a chance that many people will be going to the same place at the same time and it can cause some issues. For example, if there are two shows going on, you might not be able to find anywhere to park close to both theaters. This is almost never a problem in Covington with parking. There are multiple parking options in close proximity to the Covington Movies Theater and they’re never full.

6. It Provides A Great Place For a Group of Friends to Go

There’s almost always a night that is meant for groups of friends to go and see a movie together. It’s cheaper than it would be if you were going on your own, plus you get to spend time with people who have the same interests as you. This is a great way to get out of the house and have some fun with your best friends after work or school.

7. There Are Always Great Deals on Food at The Theater

There are various options for food at the Covington Movies Theater and one of them is their drink combo deal for around $6 per person. This is an awesome deal for a group of friends. There are also some sides that you can order with your drink and they’re also a good deal as well. You can’t beat an $8 movie ticket in Covington for a group of people and some food after their night of fun.

8. The Theater is Dedicated to the Show “American Pie”

Covington Movies Theater is dedicated to the show, American Pie . This show was one that people were watching when it first came out and it became a household name. As with many movies, the actors have gone on to have amazing lives and careers thanks to this movie series.


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