A returner’s magic should be special 58.


A Returner’s Magic should Be Special. We all know that a Returner has returned from the other world with extraordinary powers and abilities, yet we’ve always known their magic to be more or less “ordinary.” Yes, it might have been slightly more powerful than what mages could do on Earth, but it was not anything too special.

They had always been just another mage among many others. But if they were truly a returner a magical being of great power who had come back from the other world-then shouldn’t their magic be something truly extraordinary?

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Something beyond our imagination?

Mages have always longed for the power to cast spells without saying a word, and Returners were able to do just that. They could create objects out of thin air with only one thought, they could hear what people on Earth were thinking, and sometimes even see visions of things happening there-they had become like gods. But when it came time to fight other mages in the arena, their magic was much weaker than before because now they needed words as well as gestures. The reason is simple: if your opponent knows how you’re going to attack them then all you’ve done is made yourself predictable. That’s why Returners need more powerful magic in order not be defeated by an ordinary mage who has memorized all his or her.


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