A Rolex watch, a Lexus car, and even the latest apple Iphone are all examples of a _____ symbol?


A status symbol is defined as a material possession, which is used to display social rank. Status symbols are usually expensive or rare items that are owned by the wealthy and powerful. In this blog post, we will explore some of the most common examples of status symbols from all around the world!

gems, diamond, emerald @ Pixabay

Diamonds: Diamond rings are the quintessential symbol of wealth, and they come in a variety of different cuts. The most popular diamond cut is the round brilliant diamond because it reflects light like no other gemstone can.

Louis Vuitton Bag: Louis Vuitton bags have been around since 1854 when __ first started making handbags out of leather goods. These bags are not only extremely sophisticated but also very expensive!

The average price for one bag ranges anywhere from $2500 to $600 depending on what type you purchase.

Rolex Watch: Rolexes represent more than just time, they are symbols that signify prestige and success as well. 


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