according to brooks’ law, adding more people to a late project will ________.,

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The project management industry has a lot of lessons to share with those that are interested in the topic. Whether you’re an experienced project manager or someone who is just getting started, there’s always more to learn about this field. This blog post will cover 17 of the most important lessons that have been learned by successful project managers over time. The lessons include tips on how to communicate effectively with your team, how to schedule your tasks for maximum efficiency and much more! Brooks’ law states that adding more people to a late project will increase the amount of time it takes for completion. This is because there are certain points in a project where work cannot be done, such as waiting on someone else’s input or approval. The “critical path” (the longest part of the task) also has inherent delays built into its schedule and can’t be shortened by any other factor without changing what this critical path entails.- Therefore, when you have a deadline approaching fast and things start looking bleak, getting additional personnel may not save your day like you were hoping! Instead, try adjusting some aspects of your work habits so they create less bottlenecks–this could include having better communication with team members


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