Are In-Game Free Spins Really Free in Slot Machines?


The term ‘free spins’ has the word ‘free’ in it. After all, in a free spin, you can spin the reel in spite of not having made a deposit. However, does it mean that free spins do not cost anything? Actually, it does not. There is indeed a cost. That is exactly what we will address at Slotzo.

What is the Cost?

Experienced slot players will be able to tell you that you do not exactly get a free spin, you win it. Here is what happens:

1.       You deposit a sum of money in order to play a round.

2.       You spin the reel and see which symbols land on the payline.

3.       If you land multiple scatters or multiple wilds in a line, you win free spins.

4.       If you do not land multiple scatters or multiple wilds in a line, you do not win anything.

You cannot exactly predict whether you will be able to win free spins in a round. This is because nobody can predict the outcome of a round in a game of slots. In slot games, there is a Random Number Generator. It is also called the RNG. It is programmed to form more than a hundred random combinations of numbers within a span as short as just a second. Every symbol on every reel is assigned a particular number. The numerical combination chosen by the RNG decides which symbols will land on the payline. As a result, the outcome of every round is simply random. The players have no control over it.

So, there is always a possibility that you end up being unable to win even a single free spin despite playing thousands of rounds. This is the reason why slot games are considered to be among those casino games where the house always has an extra edge over the player. Of course, the house has an edge over you in other casino games as well, be it baccarat, bingo, blackjack, craps, poker or roulette. But in case of card games like baccarat, poker and blackjack, the house edge is comparatively less because you can influence the outcome by making calculated decisions.

Is There a Solution?

There might be a solution. Random Number Generators are of 2 types:

·         Pseudo RNGs: In Pseudo RNGs, the combinations are not absolutely unpredictable as they do follow a pattern.

·         Hardware RNGs: In Hardware RNGs, the combinations are absolutely unpredictable as they do not follow a pattern.

You need to choose the former and not the latter. It takes quite a bit of time to recognize the patterns and they are also very complex in nature. However, you can take help from reviewing forums. There are many such forums on the internet where experts discuss about specific slot games in great detail.

Final Thoughts

If you do choose to play a slot game where the RNG does not follow any pattern, there are ways to maximize your chances of winning free spins. Make sure to play in Summer rather than in Winter. Online casinos tend to put extra emphasis on giving away free spins and other types of bonuses during Summer because they have less traffic. Hopefully, these inputs will help you.


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