Cons of Crypto Slots Sites

Crypto Slots

The internet can be a particularly funky place with indecipherable phrases and jargon being knocked around the place, and this is especially prevalent when you play slots UK on online sites. One of these bewildering, to some, phrases could be the crypto currencies and bit coin slot sites that the youth seem to be raving on about.

For those of you who do not know, crypto currencies are online banking wallets that store your money in an encrypted place making them incredibly hard to hack, keep your online presence anonymous, and work off of a stock like system whereby the value of your wallet fluctuates dependent on investors.

Crypto slots, therefore, are online slot games that allow you to pay through your crypto wallet instead of your normal banking system, allowing for you to have extra security and makes sure that nobody nabs that healthy looking jackpot of yours!

Are Crypto Slots all Smooth Sailing?

From what we have outlined for you, you might be thinking that crypto slots are the best thing to happen since sliced bread. However, it would not be fair if we did not give you the full two sides of the argument:

Here are a couple of negative points in regard to crypto online slots for you to consider:

1.       The Market – As in the aforementioned, crypto slots work off of a fluctuating economy. Just like any currency of course, but with crypto being smaller and more recent, the fluctuations in its economy can be enormous. You could be losing more money than you expected, but you could very realistically be getting more!

2.       Setup – We do not know about you, but old fogies like us here can have old moments when it comes to handling technology and this is certainly the case with crypto slots. The setup can be a little confusing and convoluted to start off with.

3.       Exchanging – Of course you are able to exchange you online currency to a in world usable cash form, but this can be a lengthy process, and if you unaware of the process then this too might inhibit your online slots career.

Of course, we do not want to make it sound all bad for crypto slots because for the people who know how to use them are having a whale of a time. So, just for you, we have listed in an easy table the pros and cons of crypto slots… this way you can keep on top of your game and get back to doing what you do best!

Pros of Crypto SlotsCons of Crypto Slots
Hidden from higher bodiesEconomy market may change your funds
Hard to hackThe process of setup can be elongated
Encrypted so nobody can spy on youConfusing for those who do not know
Anonymous gambling with crypto slotsWhat is wrong with god old fashioned normal slots?
New inventive games use only crypto sometimesMore difficult to exchange into real cash


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