Finding the Right Vape In 2022


It doesn’t matter if you want to switch from smoking or get into the trend. Finding the right vape means you need to do some research first, especially beginners.

There are various types of vape devices in the market, each with pros and cons. So if you want to find the right vape, it would be best to understand them first. After all, everyone has their preferences. So below are the devices that you will encounter when shopping for vapes.

Box Mods

When it comes to sophistication and power box mods are your best bet. It is easily recognizable because of, well, you guessed, its box shape. 

Other than its shape, box mods also have more juice in their battery and extra features like temperature and voltage control to personalize your vaping experience more.

But because of its sophistication, it’s not recommended for beginners unless you are willing to learn. 

Mechanical Mods

Vape enthusiasts who want to customize their vape experience to the fullest extent use mechanical mods. It is a very simple device with a pure battery housed in a metallic box or tube. Coils have to be built, allowing vapers to adjust their vape to their liking.

But as you may have guessed already, this is not something a beginner should use. As you gain experience, maybe someday you can build your own.

Vape Pens

Vape pens are larger versions of cig-a-likes and can come in various styles. The main differences are that it has an increased battery and cloud production. 

If you have heard of this device before, maybe it’s because of the negative light the media has portrayed about it exploding or catching fire. But if you clean your device properly and buy from a reputable brand, you’d have none of that happening.

Still, it’s essential to point out that this device has shorter battery life than box mods and uses more vape juice. So you are frequently going to refill it.


If you want something more simple, you can opt for a cig-a-like instead. Besides its appearance, it’s also draw-activated and uses a cartomizer, unlike other devices.

The learning curve is not that steep because it doesn’t use any buttons. So it’s perfect for beginners, especially smokers who want to switch to vaping.

Unfortunately, it does not have that much juice content, and doesn’t have long battery life.

Pod Mods

The latest devices to hit the market are pod mods and are becoming more popular in the vaping community. They have the same features as cig-a-likes but use nicotine salt e-juices instead. You could say that it’s the new and improved version of cig-a-likes, and because of the vape content it uses, it is the closest thing to smoking a cigarette without the harmful chemicals.

But just like cig-a-likes, it also has a short battery life, and pods have to be replaced instead of refilled for some.

What Is The Best Type Of Vape To Use?

It will all depend on your preference. If you are a smoker and want to switch vape, you can either opt for cig-a-likes or pod mods. If you want something powerful, choose box mods or vape pens. 

But if this is overwhelming, you can always ask for some advice from retailers in vape shops. They may even provide you with vape kits that’ll fit your needs.


With vaping becoming more popular than ever, it might just replace cigarettes in the future. So if you are finding the right vape, it’s best to understand each device first to have a clearer version of what kind of vaping experience they offer. And if you know anyone who wants to try vapes, share this article with them to let them know what devices to expect and what their pros and cons are.


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