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Sources have revealed that the New Jersey Police Department has been searching for a new way to get inside criminals’ heads.

The West Point Military Academy had found an answer in this year’s graduates.

A team of analysts were assigned with the task to study responses, before they returned to their duties in Iraq.

What is different about these four graduates was not the amount of intelligence they were blessed with, but their childhood background.

Their father was a professor at MIT, while their mother worked as an assistant professor at Princeton University. 

This led them down the path of academia before entering military service. 

They were sent to Iraq where they were stationed in the observation post, which was more like a small police station than an army outpost. 

Situated next to a small village, the post provided protection and support for the locals.

Their primary task was to prevent looting, maintain law and order, as well as collect information on local hostilities towards American troops. 

Here some points are discussed elaut coin

1.  Proof of funds

The analysis team was only given one piece of information: the amount of Crypto funds they, as current members of the military, had. 

“The number could potentially be used as a means to an end in what is called bankrolling. Where you get some budget and you’re betting on as many other people to contribute money so that you can execute a large scale scheme.”  Analysis Team Member

His reasoning is simple – anyone who has access to their crypto holdings can see if they are willing to commit crimes by looking at their balance.  This balances out the risk for criminals who cannot afford the price of crypto at the time or if they have an account that does not support spending from it.

2.  Know your enemy

The whole purpose of this exercise was to see if criminals are willing to use crypto as a way to fund their operations. In order to do that, analysts needed to know the strengths and weaknesses of crypto itself.

A couple of things were considered – one being the possibility that anyone could simply create a token on the Ethereum network and have it be used for illegal purposes. The team realized that this was unlikely because the security features provided by Ethereum meant that there would be a trace which can be traced back to an originator.

“It’s not just about using crypto as some sort of payment gateway, but also in order to get access to a lot of people’s personal information. It’s not just about getting some kind of payment, but also getting access to a lot of personal information. Banks can get away with it, because every transaction is basically traceable, or as such it won’t work.”

3.  Access

The team also needed to determine if anyone in Iraq had the knowledge and technical expertise needed to create a coin that would be accepted by the community and gain traction as an exchange token. The only way to find out was by first going there.

“We are looking to get some very local people who have maybe studied the technology, have read about it in some form or something and then in turn, they would go visit our Class 1 Commanders.” – Analysis Team Member

Knowing their background, the team was able to find that most of them were from family backgrounds with a solid understanding of computer science, so they were introduced to them. 

“We actually found that some of these individuals were quite clever. They had good computer skills and understood the technology.” 

They also quickly found that these locals had no idea about the dangers of crypto, so there would be limited or no interaction with them. 

4.  The Human Factor

But not all was well – the team was met with problems when trying to gain the trust of local people. For their investigation, they needed a source who would have other locals confide information about crimes that might be committed. A number of different sources were considered, but in the end only one person who was a lawyer would help them out.

“They may have been a source for some local criminal element. Or maybe they were just going off on their own, because it’s fairly easy to take out your phone and take a photograph. Our idea of the lawyer was just about having him as a source for us, but then he didn’t really have that much information for us. So we decided to put him into more of a community relations role.” 


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