Dying Light: How to Fast Travel – General Discussions

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Dying Light, the latest survival horror game by Techland, is introducing a new way to travel in less than two weeks. That’s right! Dying Light has finally implemented fast travel and now players will have an alternative to their long treks all over the map. 

For better or for worse? This blog post includes discussions about what people think about fast traveling, what might happen when it’s implemented and which skills are most important for doing so.

This guide will discuss a few things of relevance to anyone wanting to fast travel in Dying Light. First of all, it is called “fast travel” and not “fast running”. 

In both fast running and fast traveling you will have to run (sometimes quite long distances) in order to reach your destination as quickly as possible. 

The difference is that while you will be running you will have the air-cushioned protection of an old school death mask. You are still prone and therefore can be attacked by friendly fire or dangerous wildlife which can happen while fast traveling.

Here are some points discussed about dying light fast travel

1. Why It won’t work

Fast traveling in Dying Light will be introduced with an update on the 13th of December. Although this might be a blessing to some, many players are not too pleased about it as they fear what it could do to the game’s economy. 

Players believe that fast traveling will make looting and working for supplies pointless as well as grinding for materials. Others argue that if you don’t want to fast travel, you don’t have to but if you insist on doing so then you are robbing yourself of a full game experience.

As per some Reddit users, money will still be worth something even if people fast travel in Dying Light. If people find fast traveling too easy and feel like they can enjoy the game without it, then players may use their money to buy blueprints or special weapons. 

This could mean that you still need money to purchase these things and if you are willing to go through the effort then it would be worth your while.

2. Best Skills

The best skills to use while fast traveling in Dying Light are Sprint and Power Climb. Sprint is a skill available starting level 2 (Scavenger) while Power Climb is a skill under Agility category which can be unlocked at level 11. 

Almost every build will have either of these skills and therefore is a must-have if you want to fast travel. If you don’t have a Sprint or Power Climb, however, you will need an upgraded stamina bar to fast travel as well as buying blueprints for mountaineering. 

Keep in mind that mountaineering also requires agility as well so having this skill would be advantageous for long journeys.

3. It is still possible to die while fast traveling with the new feature in Dying Light

When you fast travel, enemies will not wait for you to get there and attack as usual. This means that if you are alone and not prepared properly, it is still possible to die while traveling fast. If you are willing to take the risk, however, then this might be a good thing for Dying Light players who have little patience for crafting or grinding for supplies.

4. The way forward

As of now, Techland has not announced any plans of implementing fast travel in other games by the studio. This means that they want to see how it goes with Dying Light first before making changes in other titles. 

However, it is still possible to make other games more convenient by implementing features like fast traveling and loot boxes. This is what a lot of developers do now-day so whether Dying Light will do the same in the future remains to be seen.

5. Conclusion

There are lots of reasons players want to fast travel in Dying Light, but there are valid arguments against it as well. If you want an all-round game experience, however, then it is quite important to be capable of fast traveling efficiently and this guide will hopefully help you do so.

Imagine how many industries would benefit from implementing a feature like fast traveling in Dying Light. At first you might be irritated by the process, but eventually you will appreciate it and there’s no way that you can stop yourself from enjoying the game.

So if you are interested in this new feature in Dying Light then play the free trial version. It is available now for every one who wants to experience it in-game before paying for it down the line! Know more about this feature here! You can also download Dying Light on Steam.


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