Ever wonder what Hanzo says when he activates his ultimate?


Hanzo has proven himself one of Overwatch’s best offensive heroes, with a large variety of arrows that he can use to his advantage. 

In the game, Hanzo will be constantly spamming and shooting at enemies as they come near him, but what exactly does he say when he activates his ultimate? Let’s take a look into this.

Hanzo has three voice lines when activating his ultimate: “I have perfected my aim.” “My bow is ever-loyal.” And finally, “Death rides on my arrow.” 

Do you know what does hanzo say when he ults?

The first line doesn’t make much sense in context with the game given that Hanzo already has the perfect aim; it just seems like more bragging.

Here are some points discussed about What Hanzo says when he activates his ultimate-

1. The third line reveals Hanzo to have a split personality. 

Even though “Death rides on my arrow,” and he’s telling everyone that he himself is death, it’s also possible that Death is referring to the dragon. The dragon Hanzo summons is called Spirit Dragon, and his ultimate ability is called Dragonstrike. 

Another possibility is that Hanzo might actually be speaking to his mother. After all, she was said to have used an arrow with poison on it to kill Hanzo’s father, Takezo. It could be that the bow he refers to being ever-loyal is her bow specifically.

2. The second line references Genji’s robotic body. 

Hanzo and his brother, Genji, are the sons of the legendary assassin known as “Hanzo.” However, Genji lost his life due to military experiments and was resurrected in a cybernetic body. 

Hanzo’s second line, then, could mean that even though his brother’s body has been changed from human to machine, he still recognizes him as family (or himself). 

It could also be friendly teasing about how Hanzo has a bow that doesn’t need reloading while Genji does. After all, there have been instances where Genji would run out of ammo in the middle of combat.

3. The first line reveals that Hanzo is indeed “ever-loyal.” 

In his brother’s funeral, Takezo taught Hanzo how to shoot a bow and arrow. Hanzo said that he was ever-loyal, but this line seems to link the words “ever” and “loyal.” In other words, while they might not be able to meet in the flesh, Hanzo will always be loyal to his family.

4. The second line references the colors of their armor; red and white. 

Hanzo’s appearance may carry over from his brother Genji based on the colors of their armor design: red and white, like Genji’s cybernetic body (which he remembers as white). 

The voice line also links the brothers to a mythical dragon because in Asian culture, dragons are often depicted as being white and red.

5. The last line reveals that Hanzo has a connection to Genji; they’re brothers! 

Even though Hanzo’s ultimate ability is called Dragonstrike, he and Genji have been compared to the Sons of Dragons in their gameplay styles. Their bows and arrows are even designed in a similar way. 

Thus, if Hanzo is telling us that death rides on his arrow, what other arrow could he be referring to but Genji’s? It may not be literal death riding on the arrow, but rather figurative death (or Genji).

6. There’s a possibility that the voice lines don’t even relate to Hanzo! 

The voice lines are said by Hanzo, but there’s a chance that he was just lying about which arrow it is. He could have meant that his ultimate ability is riding on Genji’s arrow, or some other projectile from his bow. 

Of course, this could also be an intentional mystery on Blizzard Entertainment’s part. After all, the company doesn’t typically reveal what inside jokes and memes mean until months after the fact when it wants to surprise its audience.

7. Whatever Hanzo means by this line, he seems to have some inner conflict about it. 

Hanzo says this line when he activates his ultimate ability. However, “death” can also mean a lot of things to a person, so it’s not really clear what he’s really saying here. The meaning could be more literal or figurative depending on how Hanzo takes it. 

Additionally, since Hanzo is a fictional character and Genji isn’t, it’s possible that the Dragonstrike upgrade in Overwatch might have actually taken the place of Hanzo’s brother Genji without him even knowing it! 

After all, tournaments have ruled that “Genji is dead” (a reference to the way ancient Japanese culture viewed death with their burial rituals).


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