Four Reasons Women Undergo Breast Augmentation


Breast augmentation is one of the most popular forms of cosmetic surgery that women have performed. In fact, it is one of the top five elective cosmetic surgeries annually!

There are many reasons that women may seek out breast augmentation, whether it desire an increase in size, symmetry, or to treat any other concerns and insecurity they may have about their breasts. The following are some of the reasons women seek out breast augmentation.

Disproportionate Breast Size

One of the most common reasons to get breast implants is when a woman feels they have disproportionately small breasts in comparison to their body. While increasing breast size is popular among any woman with smaller breasts, those who feel they are disproportionate to their body type especially feel that they need an increase in size to help properly proportion their frames.

By receiving implants, a patient with breast augmentation can feel more confident and have improved self-esteem.

Uneven Breasts

Size isn’t the only reason that a person seeks out breast augmentation. Asymmetry is another common reason! Asymmetrical breasts are incredibly common among women and are often due to uneven levels of estrogen in the body, sporadic growth spurts during youth, and more, causing one breast to be larger than the other. Many women are frustrated by their asymmetrical breasts, not only for aesthetic reasons but also for filling out clothing items like dresses and bras properly.

As the procedure is performed by hand, implants can help to create a near-perfect yet naturally appearing symmetry between the breasts.

Dramatic Bodily Changes

Dramatic changes in body shape can lead to a change in breast size. For example, if a woman goes through a significant amount of weight loss, they may find their breasts lose volume and can appear less full.

Pregnancy also changes the shape of a woman’s breasts, growing larger during pregnancy as the hormones change wildly in the body, as well as during breastfeeding as milk production is increased. After pregnancy and breastfeeding, breasts often shrink once more. Due to their previous state of being enlarged and stretched, the breasts can begin to sag and appear “deflated.”

Breast augmentation (especially when paired with a breast lift) can help to restore breasts to their previous state before children. 

It is important to note that breastfeeding is still possible following a breast augmentation, as implants do not interfere with the production or flow of milk to the nipples. Additionally, breast implants do not have any negative effect on the health of a baby.

Restoring after Mastectomy

Women sometimes may require a mastectomy after having a serious health condition such as breast cancer. Some who have lost one, or both of their breasts, may desire to restore their breast to help restore their feeling of femininity, or like it helps restore their body to their whole state.

Angelina Jolie famously underwent breast augmentation to restore her breasts following her double mastectomy and wrote about the process in an editorialpiece for the New York Times.


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