Going to Rehab: What You Can and Can’t Bring


Residential rehab treatment is any inpatient rehabilitation program that normally takes 30 to 90 days, depending on the severity of the patient’s drug use disorder. Such a stay is a considerably long time to live without having some essentials you would like to use during your stay there. Some rehabilitation centers provide a checklist before joining their residential drug treatment program to let you know what is allowed and what you can’t bring.

If the checklist is not provided, it’s better to call the rehab center to clarify the issue. Although the rehab center will provide the residents with some items, it’s good to know what is not provided so you can carry it yourself since you will stay in a completely different environment from the home where you access everything at your convenience.

This article discusses some things you can bring to a drug rehab center and those you shouldn’t.

Things You Can Bring to A Drug Rehab Center

Clothes, Laundry Supplies, Toiletries, Shoes, and Hair Drier

You can carry clothing that suits seasonal requirements and comfort. It’s also important to carry detergents and other supplies that you will use to clean them. Also, remember to carry shoes, including those you will use in various sporting events in the rehab center. 

It is important to carry personal items such as lotion and toothpaste though most of the basics are provided in the rehab center. You can also bring a hairdryer and other approved hair products.

Medications, Important Documents, and Money

The patient can also carry the prescribed drugs with the correct labels. Also, ensure you don’t leave behind your identification information and other valuable documents, such as insurance cards. You can still have your credit or debit card to pay for other necessities and the treatment.

Feel Free to Carry Sentimental Items, Comfort Items, journals/ Notebook

A photo of someone you adore most or a gift given by someone you love can help the patient cope with the situation. You can also carry your comfort items, such as your comfortable bedding. A notebook is also useful for recording important information. Also, have the contact details of your loved ones, friends, and relatives to keep in touch with them while in the drug rehab center.

Things You Shouldn’t Bring to A Drug Rehab Center

However, for the safety of the rehab residents, you may be restricted from bringing certain things such as technological items, razors, jewelry, mouthwash, perfume, shoes with laces, and other items restricted by the policies in the drug rehab center. It’s important to contact the rehab call center to know some other items that might be restricted in the facility.


When a patient enrolls in a rehab residential treatment program, he settles in a completely different environment. As such, it is important to carry the things you use most. However, it’s important to include only things allowed in the facility. You can consult with the facility to ensure you only bring the allowed items.


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