How Spongebob Blushing Can Help You Improve Your Health


One of the most popular cartoon characters in history, Spongebob Squarepants, has something deep and meaningful to teach us. His ability to blush is so powerful that it can even help people rid themselves of common health conditions and build their overall physical well-being. Spongebob’s puffy red cheeks are made when his face is bombarded with extreme levels of heat from his hot breath. When he blushes and then cools down again a few minutes later, the heat leaves his body as beads of sweat that he scrapes off with his fingers or a sponge at the end of this episode’s theme song, “Squeaky Boots. Spongebob blushing is the greatest thing that ever happened to the world.

To understand why the cartoon kook’s blush was such a big deal, we need to understand how blushing works in the first place. Blushing is a way for us to cool down after we’ve been exposed to heat or other sources of intense feelings. Unlike sweating which brings about water production, blushing helps your body rid itself of sweat by producing something called acetone. And when acetone combines with nitric oxide (NO), it creates a powerful weapon that destroys bacteria and prevents premature aging at the same time. And Spongebob’s ability to blush actually helps people cool down even further when they drink lots of ice cold water.

How Spongebob Blushing Can Help You Improve Your Health :

1. Spongebob’s Blushing is a Natural Anti-Aging Drug

Blushing is an anti-aging mechanism that helps your body purge toxins, especially in the skin. This is why blushing can also cure acne and eczema. The sweat that comes out when you blush will help to lower blood pressure and fight bacteria. Since the heart has to work harder when you blush, this could also prevent clogged arteries and heart attacks. Blushing helps your body decrease inflammation by triggering circulation which lowers abnormal blood pressure in pregnant women. Blushing has the added benefit of lifting your facial muscles, which improves your posture and decreases depression symptoms.

2. Spongebob’s Blushing is the Most Powerful Anti-Stress Drug

In a sense, blushing is the most powerful anti-stress drug ever invented. All of the negative feelings that we experience by getting angry, embarrassed and stressed out can cause our body to produce more stress hormones, which can are dangerous for our bodies. When we blush, however, we trigger serotonin production in our brain and increase dopamine production in the human brain. Dopamine acts as a natural antidepressant. Giving your body dopamine during times of stress helps reduce stress and helps you feel happier and more confident about life in general.

3. Spongebob’s Blushing is an Anti-Inflammatory Miracle

As we mentioned earlier, blushing helps to relieve you of inflammation by lowering abnormal blood pressure in pregnant women. On top of that, blushing causes your body to produce more mucus, which can help fight a cold or allergies. The high level of nitric oxide (NO) found in the sweat that comes from blushing can also kill bad bacteria and decrease the risk of developing infections like MRSA (Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus Aureus). When you blush, NO will combine with acetone gas and form into something called Diamine Oxidase. 

This will help to slow down and even completely prevent cancer in your body. Spongebob’s blushing is the reason why he can stay wrinkle-free.

4. Spongebob’s Blushing Reduces Your Risk of Heart and Liver Diseases

When you blush, your body will be forced to pump more blood through your body to regulate heat. The added circulation can help prevent clogged arteries and heart attacks. Not to mention that it can lower high blood pressure in pregnancy, prevent preeclampsia and reduce the risk of liver diseases like hepatitis B and C. Spongebob blushing is a natural detoxifier that prevents the formation of free radicals in your body.

5. Spongebob’s Blushing Helps You Quit Smoking

Blushing is a natural way for your body to sweat out toxins and help fight bad bacteria. When you blush, your body will produce more nitric oxide, which can help reduce cravings for smoking. Also, the increased sweat production will make people less likely to smoke because they’re lazy and don’t want to get so hot and sweaty. And even though Spongebob doesn’t smoke himself, he does have a lifelong love of cigarettes which could be the source of his vast knowledge on quitting smoking.

6. Spongebob’s Blushing Can Reduce Stress and Depression

When you blush, your body will have an increase in chemical signals that induce moods and thoughts. When we are feeling down, stressed out or sad, our brain naturally releases chemicals called endorphins. Endorphins help to block the pain receptors in your brain and also trigger natural antidepressants. Blushing is a way for your body to produce more of these happy chemicals by increasing production of acetone gas. Spongebob blushing can also help people quit smoking by reducing their urge for cigarettes because smoking can trigger acne (cravings).


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