How To Get People To Like Linkswell


Linkswell is the world’s favorite social media sharing site. In as little as 8 seconds, Linkswell can add interest and humor to any online article by putting funny photos on it and adding a link to your blog. It’s a great way to build your brand name while having fun with it, too!

Today we’re going to share the best ways that you can use Linkswell. So put those creative minds of yours into action and let’s get started!

1. Writing about your work 

Write an introduction for an informative post about how testimonials help businesses grow profits. Use Linkswell to share your post with the world, and add a funny video of a dancing squirrel and a company logo to the blog.

Interesting, informative content is great, but it can be hard to keep people involved in your content. Share that blog using Linkswell by adding something fun and creative, like a dancing squirrel.

This will make people more likely to share it with others if they find it interesting enough.

2. Blog about what you’re passionate about 

Writing about something you love is always easier than writing about something you hate! Maybe you have always wanted to write about your favorite sport or something else that has captured your interest. Write about what makes you passionate about that thing and make sure to include links to your posts on any social media sites.

Why not make this a bit of fun by writing about the things you love and sharing them with the world using Linkswell?

People will see your passion through the content that you share and enjoy it more.

3. Hold a contest for links 

Post a contest on Facebook for links. People will take their friends, family and co-workers out to dinner if they win! If you know how to create viral content, then this is great news! If not, let us know how we can help you implement these ideas into your own campaigns! Consider several different competition types in your marketing strategy.

Create a contest where people have to be creative. For example, ask people to write their own accounts of the same event as if they had been there. Add a picture of something that happened at the event. Ask them to make up a caption and create an interesting video out of it. Make sure that you include a link in your Facebook post so people can continue reading on your blog.

A good way to get lots of links is by tying several different things together – whether it’s activations, contests or sales campaigns – try combining these ideas into one campaign and see how effective they can be!

4. Promote your business brand 

Share your links on your social media pages and have links to various sites. Try creating a site that lets people use their existing links to share with their friends or family. This can help you promote your brand without spending extra money!

If you want to promote yourself on social media, try using Linkswell. The best part is that you don’t have to do any of the creative work! Simply add one of our photos somewhere on your blog and line the link up with the image, and we will do all the work for you! You’ll get tons of bright eyes looking at what you’re trying to promote.

5. Call customers to action 

Let your friends and family know that they can order more of your product while they’re on your blog. Make sure to tell them how Linkswell makes this so easy!

When you have an offer that you want to distribute, use Linkswell. Looking for a way to let people know about it? Use Linkswell!

Just ask your customers to share a picture of themselves with you while they are enjoying something new. Make sure the pictures are meaningful enough, show what they’re doing and leave a link at the bottom of the caption – this is even easier than you can imagine. They’ll definitely share it!

6. Build a community 

Create a post that piques the interest of your readers. Get them interested in reading more by adding your own links to these posts and making sure that you have something fun to offer them with each post. They’ll be so busy that they won’t have time to think about anything else!

These are just some ideas we came up with, but think of other ways that you can use Linkswell to help with the content on your blog or social media accounts. Find out what makes your audience tick, and then find ways that you can include these things in your content. You may even want to look into targeting different audiences so that you can make sure that you show them the right things.


Now that you’ve learned how awesome Linkswell is, don’t forget to tell us how it can help promote your business!

Linkswell has made it possible for me to quickly and easily promote my blog posts on Facebook and Twitter. They also make it really easy to add images and videos to the links. I’ve made some really interesting posts using this social media platform!”


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