How to master the art of note taking


Do you ever scribble pages of text while reading and then have trouble remembering what you’ve read? Do you, on the other hand, skim through literature without writing notes and merely devoting half attention? Maybe you mark or highlight the texts, but you still don’t feel like you’re gaining the most out of your reading. If you fit into one of the above categories, you’re certainly not having the most from your reading. This article explains why actively taking notes whilst reading is important and offers various different tactics and formats to try.

The significance of taking good notes

Taking proper notes whilst reading is a crucial aspect of your academic performance. Most academic programs need extensive reading, and without good note-taking and reading abilities, it can be hard to comprehend and grasp the content and perform well in class.

Proper reading notes can assist you in the following ways:

  • Reframe the ideas and concepts from the text in your own language.
  • Stay focused and concentrated while going through the text. 
  • Keep a record of everything you read so you may be able to retrieve it more quickly in the future.
  • Analytically think about  what you just read and develop inferences.
  • Highlight important themes of the material, be ready for class and lay a foundation for lecture.
  • Have dependable resources to study for examinations or prepare for tasks

How to make amazing notes while reading the textbooks 

Good notes can take many shapes and vary from one individual to the next—or also from text to text. Just like not all managers would like your proposal on how to promote your business on social media, likewise one procedure of note taking won’t be fit for another person too. However, one of the most important concepts in an efficient note taking process is that you don’t need to write down a lot of textual information. Copying material does not activate your intellect and is therefore not a good way to learn and retain information. It also requires a significant amount of time and effort. Simply emphasising a lot of information, on the other hand, is easier but doesn’t do anything to successfully involve the brain. Try a few of the effective and interactive tactics and styles suggested below rather than writing down a lot of notes or over-underlining the text.

These will allow you to spend less time and energy in taking notes while improving your reading comprehension and memory.

Various strategies of note taking or formats of notes

While reading, there is no one proper approach to take notes. The main thing is to try out a few different tactics to see which ones work best for you. Various forms or tactics may work more effectively for different genres, therefore you may wish to utilise different models for different classes. Consider the following examples:

  • Use your memory to take notes.

As students are preoccupied with taking good records, they often miss out on the chance to assimilate the information given in their textbooks. They are more concerned with what they should or should not write down in their notes rather than genuinely absorbing the subject.

  • Try reading little chunks of your chapter (a paragraph , one or two pages) and pausing to reflect on what you have just read—then taking notes from what you could recollect. This will allow you to concentrate on the important themes rather than getting lost in the details.
  • Create a Word file or Google Docs for each paragraph or textbook lesson you read if you are taking notes digitally . Without returning to the text, write a summary of the major points from every reading session. Then, after you’ve remembered whatever you could recall, review the notes to fill in the incomplete information.
  • It’s fine if you don’t recall everything you read; concentrate on the key concepts and then go back to the book to fill in the specifics as required. Although this strategy takes a little longer, many students believe it is worthwhile because it improves reading comprehension.

ConclusionThe bestest ideas for instagram marketing strategies would be which proportionally  increased the usage of the app. Likewise, the finest note-taking tactics and styles are those that best fulfills your parameters.  Experiment with several tactics to determine what works best for you and stick with it. Choose a strategy that you find useful and manageable during your education.


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