Police in Florida are Looking for 15-years-old Elizabeth Brown Who Went Missing

Cropped view of a young Hispanic police officer standing outside his patrol car.

In a mother’s worst nightmare, her 15-years-old daughter Elizabeth Brown is missing and police suspect foul play. She had been last seen at her home on the 28th of November and she left everything behind; not even taking her phone. 

It is extremely unlikely she would have just gone into hiding without telling anyone and it is believed that Elizabeth has been kidnapped by a stranger.

The police have released facial recognition software in hopes that someone will recognise the young girl who disappeared from her Florida home on November 28th. 

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If you happen to know any information about the 15-years-old, please contact authorities immediately at 305 437 7017 or call 911 right away if you witness anything suspicious.

Here are some points discussed about Elizabeth Brown-

1. Elizabeth is a high school student, who loves dancing and playing the violin. 

She is described by her family as a “great kid,” and she is responsible.  Elizabeth was wearing blue jeans, a sweater and rose-colored boots the day she went missing. She also had on a watch. 

Her hair was dyed pink, but it was growing out to brown. She has freckles on her face, as well as braces and a gap between her front teeth, which are straightened with clear retainers in both sides of her mouth. The girl stands at 5’6″ tall with an athletic build weighing about 130 pounds.

This person is believed to be between 20 and 30 years old, with dark hair and a “baby face.” 6. The car is described as being similar to the ones from the 1960s or 1970s, with rounded-off headlights, big wheels and loud muffler or exhaust system that may have been rusty or in poor condition.

2. Elizabeth had a crush on her science teacher.

At the time she was not mature enough to face him. It is thought that Elizabeth knew the person that took her because she goes to a popular day care. It is suspected that Elizabeth’s abductor saw her while they were playing as friends, and they started dating afterward. 

Police have said he could have driven into the neighborhood in either a red or green Ford Mustang. He may have been wearing “dress clothes,” such as khaki pants with suspenders, a dress shirt and tie and dark-colored shoes 7.  Elizabeth Brown does not possess any distinguishing characteristics.

3. Elizabeth was last seen on November 28th at 6:00 p.m.

She was last seen around 6 p.m. on November 28th by her family, who had dinner together at their home in the Bay area, which is in Miami-Dade County in Florida 8. 

The mother was left alone with her two young children while the father was out of town for work when Elizabeth disappeared 8a. 

Her parents contacted police when they returned home and found that their daughter had not returned after being gone for two and a half hours, which is very unusual behavior according to her mother 9a . Elizabeth was nowhere to be found and there was no sign that she had taken any of her belongings.

4. Elizabeth is described as: “great kid” and loves dancing with her friends. 

Elizabeth Brown is not the type of person to just leave home like this for no reason, she would not just disappear on her own accord. She took no luggage, pillow or even a cell phone charger with her, this is strange behavior for anyone as they can see but especially a girl so young and close to home 10a . 

When she left the house “she put on a red sweater, blue jeans, pink boots and a gold watch.” She walked out the front door with an apple in her backpack, but not any other food. It is not known what time she came home. 

Elizabeth was last seen by her family at dinner around 6:00pm, and then the mother and children went to bed around 8:30 pm-11a . When the mother woke up for work at 2:30am and went downstairs, she found that Elizabeth was nowhere to be found and her bed had been neatly made

5. Police suspect foul play in this case 12a .

Elizabeth disappeared with no explanation or reason for it at all, leaving behind everything except a few items of clothing 13a.

The girl has never run away from home before 13b . She is described as a good kid, and it does not match with the type of person who would just leave like this, whoever took her is not a good person 14a .


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