90 Awesome Paladin Names For Your Online Character


Online games are fun, but many find one of the most annoying challenges is coming up with a good name for your character. But don’t worry, we’ve put together this exhaustive list of paladin names to help you choose something that suits your personality.

Don’t worry about making your character’s name too original. Just make sure it doesn’t sound like someone else’s, and you should be fine. 

Having a unique name just makes you stand out from the crowd, which can only do good for your online reputation.

Some more female paladin names are discussed here!

If you need some inspiration, we recommend reading this article on paladin names to get an idea of what other gamers have come up with. 

Then use our list of names as inspiration when creating yours! In no time at all, you should have a great new moniker that both defines and represents your prowess as a player.

1. Ragnar

One of the most famous paladin names in MMORPG history is Ragnaros, beloved by World of Warcraft players. If you’re looking for the original but want to include your own twist, try Ragnar.

2. Theomar

A great choice for any player that finds Theurgist a bit too long, Theomar is a short but interesting name that can be shortened to Theo as well. If you want to go with this name, make sure to spell it with an ‘h’ at the end!

3. Kromtor

Another possibility for anyone who loves the sound of Theurgist but doesn’t want a name that is too long. Plump and interesting this name is too, but make sure to pronounce it correctly!

4. Kulovaros

Made up of two words that are easily pronounced, this name is a fun and unique option, especially if you’re looking for a short name that conveys power.

5. Drezonius

This name looks like it could have been created by the great-grandfather of big boss Darkspear himself! A fun choice for rogues looking for something special, this isn’t a common paladin name but can be very effective when used in the right way. [Or, use it to create all sorts of new low-level character names!]

6. Meiloorun

For players wanting to try something a little different and exotic, this name is a great choice. It may prove difficult to master, and your friends may struggle with it at first, but there’s no denying that it has a certain ring to it!

7. Jarec the moon-glade guardian

The ‘Jarec’ part of this name has an interesting ring to it, and it can be fun to show off your creative side when you play online games. As for the ‘the moon-glade guardian’ part, well… that just sounds cool doesn’t it?

8. Kaurash [OR Kaurassian]

This name is great for those looking for a unique look for their character. It’s also a bit more ‘common’ than some of the other options we’ve listed, which means it can be used by players with any level of experience.

9. Theurgist (male version)

This name has a certain ring to it that shows you mean business when you play online games, and you can use Theurgist as an alternative while also choosing your own gender-specific moniker. It’s an excellent option for players wanting to express their creativity and uniqueness! [OR try Timer instead!]

10. Thaladrow [OR Thalassian]

For those wanting to go the extra mile on their character names, why not try this one? This name is a bit longer than most, and it does have a different pronunciation. It may take some time for your friends to get used to it, but it’s still an interesting choice that can be used in a variety of ways.

11. Jarec Radiant blade of justice

This name has a lot going for it. It’s easy to pronounce, easy to read, and immediately gives the player an idea of what skills you have. We recommend it for players who are looking for a simple name that will work well as their main one.

12. Rythus Anderthor

Another name that can be shortened, this is a great choice for anyone wanting something short but fun and creative. While you may need to explain your name at first, there’s no denying that the hard ‘g’ makes it stand out from the crowd. It would be interesting if they could use this name in Guild Wars 2!

13. Dilly Daffy

If you’re looking for a cute and cuddly name, you can’t go wrong with Dilly. Even though it may be difficult to master, this one could prove very effective in your online career if you try it out!


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