Some good name options for your farm- Stardew Valley Farm Names


Some good name options for your farm- Stardew Valley Farm Names

Ever wanted to get into farming and start raising animals, crops, and more? If so, Stardew Valley is the game for you! 

But if you don’t want to spend hours naming your farm in the beginning like mine was, these are some reasonably good farm names suggestions as to what you could use.

1. Acres of Milk And Honey.

This is probably my favourite name choice for farms. It suggests a warm and happy environment with plenty of contentment. It’s simple enough that no one would have any trouble remembering it!

2. Horsley Estate.

For those of you who are fans of the show, “The Office”, then you might recognise this name as the farm name of one of the main characters, Dwight Schrute (played by Rainn Wilson). It’s a simple name that would appeal to many people because of the show’s popularity and would suggest a nice farm to visit.

3. Riverview Manor.

This is from Stardew Valley’s sister game, “Stardew Valley”. It suggests a calm and peaceful environment that sits along the river, with a lot of greenery surrounding it. I really enjoyed this game (check my video on it), and think this is a very good choice for your farm name.

4. The Pastures of Plenty.

This is from Stardew Valley again, and is actually one of the characters that you meet early on in the game, who gives you the seeds for your first house upgrade. It’s an easy to remember name with tons of contentment behind it – what more could you want?

5. The Heart of Plenty.

This is from Stardew Valley once again, and is a name that Steve might have chosen. The Heart of Plenty is an area where all the best fruits come from – it’s a great area for your farm to be set in if you want to maximise your income!

6. The Evergreen Farm.

This one might not be my favourite, but it’d make an appropriate name for a farm with several crops because it suggests an evergreen environment which is particularly fitting for when farming season begins at the beginning of spring.

7. Bright Coal Mine Ranch.

My last suggestion would be this one, which comes from Stardew Valley once again: Bright Coal Mine Ranch. It’s a very simple name that would not be confused with anything else. It could also be a good choice for those of you wishing to put a tribute to a deceased relative on your farm!

8. Rosewood Manor.

The name of the farm where I decided to raise the hybrid silkworms on my latest playthrough, Rosewood Manor is a great farm name because it suggests a landscaped area that would be perfect for raising these valuable creatures. Even better, it’s from Stardew Valley once again!

9. Monsterville Ranch.

For those who don’t know what this is from, I’m sorry – I didn’t have time to prepare for my main picture and had to use an image from Google, but this name comes from the “Sims 3”. It’s a pretty good name for a farm, but not one of my favorites.

10. Green Hills Farm.

As you can tell from this article, I like Stardew Valley names – which is why I’m using it for this one too! Green Hills Farm is the name of the farm that my partner and I now share between us. It’s simple and would never be confused with another farm name!

11. New Prospect Farm.

This is a great name choice for a farm in which you intend to raise horses and foals because it suggests that plenty of new things await at your farm, including potentially some babies! I like this name because it’s simple yet meaningful.

12. Pumpkin Ridge Farm.

For those of you who want a simple fall-themed name for their farm, this is the one for you! It suggests an environment full of pumpkins and squash, which would be perfect if you plan on making some money from the fall festival! It’s also from Stardew Valley – what more could you want?

13. Moon Valley Farm.

This next suggestion is another Stardew Valley name, and suggests a farm that is surrounded by mountains and a wide, beautiful river – perfect if you want to build your farm near the river. It’s simple, but meaningful.

14. Oak Grove Farm.

This is another great fall-themed name because it suggests that plenty of oaks and acorns can be grown at this farm! Perfect if you’re looking to earn money from the fall festival or for raising livestock like chickens! It’s also from Stardew Valley so what more could you want?


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