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It’s hard to stay informed on the topics of the day with all the noise out there. So, are you looking for a good place to learn about stuff happening in politics, economics, science, technology? Do you want insights into social psychology and behavioral economics? 

To understand what’s driving populist sentiment across the world? If so then subscribe to r/ Top Minds of Reddit.! Check out this post by u/means or that one by u/PHILosopherKing21. 

Maybe you will find some interesting takes on how best to protect our democracy against authoritarianism. Know of something that is special about this subreddit? Go ahead and make a post about it here on Reddit!

What makes the Top Minds of Reddit Great

The rules are simple. Readers must be able to demonstrate foresight, social acumen, pattern recognition, and a unique personal vision. 

Submissions may be featured on /r/TopMindsOfReddit in any way they choose, but these redditors /u/deadlycarrot and /u/Snazzypantz will curate the posts for display in one of the weekly featured posts. Please note that serious submissions only.

Here are some top minds of reddit are discussed-

1. u/mitnse.

“Mit worked in a research lab where he researched and designed new ways to fight cancer and neurodegenerative diseases. He believes that science is the common language of mankind, and with it we can work together to solve our challenges.”

2. u/PHILosopherKing21.

“PHILosopherKing21 is an independent researcher working on making sense of the forces that drive human behavior. He’s always thinking about how we can make the world a better place. He majored in philosophy and was a philosophy minor at University of California, Riverside.”

3. u/bill.riley

“Bill Riley is a writer, publisher and technology entrepreneur running his own publishing business in Southern California. After a brief career as an investment banker he left it to pursue writing full time. 

He has written several non-fiction books including Chronicles of an American Genius: The Life and Times of Jack Briggs (2012), The Businessman’s Guide to Entrepreneurship (2011), Creative Ideas for Business: How to Make Your Ideas Work (2009) and How to Make Money with Your Ideas (2000). His work as a publisher includes Self-Publishing Revolution (2015), An Entrepreneur’s Guide to Book Marketing, Promotion and Distribution (2012),”

4. u/stevros23.

“Stevie is an Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning Researcher at Google. He helps the world make sense of our data in many different ways using Natural Language Processing, Machine Learning, Computer Vision and Deep Learning.”

5. u/try and convince

“I am a student studying computer engineering at the University of Delaware. I enjoy listening to music, playing video games and traveling to exotic destinations. I am also a moderator on r/FreeAssociation.”

6. u/Nash_the_Nerd

“I’m Nash, The Nerd, formerly an avid gamer working in IT and as a full time writer for over 6 years now (2 of them published to Amazon). I’m hoping to make it out of college with a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Information Systems and Accounting.”

7. u/bodom98

“I’m a 15 year old kid from Australia. I’m in high school and have a part time job at a fast food restaurant. I like to do schoolwork, I like learning, I listen to music and watch YouTube videos. Life is about discovering new and exciting things in life for me.”

8. u/Pappadakalayasan

“I am an engineer by education but a researcher by passion — my work involves using data science to help organizations make decisions and solve complex problems, with a current focus on public health issues.”

9. u/jackb_93

“I’m Jack, I joined the adult world in February 2016. My wife was recently diagnosed with breast cancer and I am trying to make her feel as comfortable as possible during her treatment. #TeamJack”

10. u/vic3s3r0s

“I’m Vic, a 24 year old web developer from Europe. I work at a large online retailer which is headquartered in the Netherlands.”

11. u/beinghumanweareallone

“When it comes to being human, we are all one! We are connected to each other across distance and time. It is our nature to connect with each other through compassion, empathy and love. I am a spiritual being and I want to connect with others who share the same interests, learning and understanding.”

12. u/Petersm01

“I’m a 29 year old programmer, husband, father and aspiring writer. I am currently working as a Software Engineer at Google in San Francisco. I write about my experiences working at Google here.”

13. u/Gwon74

“I’m a Ph.D. candidate in economics at the University of Michigan. I am working on a dissertation about how changes in government policy and criminal justice can impact the large-scale organization of youth violence.”


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