Today, organizations are reluctant to adopt practices and methodologies that offer them more technical advantages of continuous software delivery, that can provide them quicker solutions, reduce their complexity of problems, and provide a stable operating environment. That is why most of the organizations are implementing DevOps work culture that serves to enhance collaboration and communication between the IT professionals and the software development team, thus reducing the complexity. 

Zeolearn Academy brings to you the latest DevOps Foundation Certification that gives you the credential of being a skilled project or product manager who is well versed in DevOps. 

Project managers, software developers, testing professionals, architects and any other professionals who are involved in enterprise architecture can benefit from this DevOps Foundation training Course.


  • Learn the ways to improve performances of all processes and how to skillfully implement DevOps tools and techniques to safeguard the infrastructure.
  • Learn how to provide quicker solutions to the problems that are bound to arise in the process and nip them in the bud and always make sure that they never reach the complexity level.
  • Get equipped with automatic installation of severs, configuration deployments, continuous integration, and packaging. 
  • Learn fundamentals of Scrpting and ways to automate tasks using the Bash/Python.

2. Why you should attend DevOps Foundation training Program?

The essential idea of DevOps is to introduce new features at every stage in order to aid frequent deployments in a rapid release cycle. This leads to continuous process development, testing, and releasing improvised results while offering lot of business and technical benefits such as, more stable operating environments, faster solution to problems, and increased effectiveness. 

Considering the benefits of DevOps its importance is being realized across the globe and more organizations are tending to implement DevOps and to do that they are seeking to hire skilled professionals in it who can efficiently implement DevOps tools and technologies and drive it towards business success.  

In this regard, our Python Foundation course aims to help you become DevOps efficient, meeting all of the requirements so that you can easily handle the different tools of DevOps and implement its principles across the organization level. To get the certification, you need to undertake the DevOps Foundation Certification exam, which will be a web-based exam. Upon passing the exam, you get DevOps Foundation credential, by the DevOps institute.


By the completion of the course you will be quote able to understand the need for DevOps and the solutions that it offers along with many benefits. Also, you will know how to use DevOps tools in order to ensure continuous software development and adopting a DevOps culture.

To have a better understanding of the interactive sessions, it is recommended that the participants must possess basic knowledge in Linux or any other high level programming language would do, and also they have fundamental idea of networking. 

So, join the DevOps foundation training course today and accelerate your career growth by getting coaching from the industry experts themselves. Happy learning!


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