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The term “salvaged technology” means broken computers, defunct electronics, or electronic items that are no longer marketable. Often these items are not worth the expense it takes to salvage them and they end up being thrown away. Sto salvaged tech is most often used to create the small devices seen on Star Trek: The Next Generation, Deep Space Nine, Voyager, and Enterprise. This technology provides fans of the show and science-fiction a new way to recreate some of their favorite episodes.

Actually, these old gizmos can be ideal for a lot of things other than scrap metal. They could have great life-saving potential when they end up in the hands of charities or used as educational tools in schools. Sometimes people just like to make something cool with nothing more than recycled parts and a little elbow grease. No matter what the origin, there are a lot of applications for salvaged technology.

Salvaged technology can really be quite useful. Here are ten examples of how people have been using salvaged technology as a means to help others:

1. Boats- 

By far the oldest application for salvaged technology is boats. Salvage yards and marinas have had tons of junk piling up for years, and it’s typically used for precisely that – junk. However, more recently companies have been using salvaged technology to build new boats from what would otherwise be unusable parts from old boats. 

2. Computer Tubs- 

There are several companies that use salvaged technology for computer tubs for schools and businesses. Many schools simply do not have the money to buy computers for every student in their school and this is where salvaged technology plays a huge role. These computer tubs can be very inexpensive and they give children a chance to get on the computer, which many students have become accustomed to using in their daily lives.

3. Humane Traps- 

Salvaged technology is also being used to build humane traps. The devices are being used to capture predatory animals such as foxes and raccoons, while also keeping the animals out of parks, airports and more. Another use for salvaged technology is in the fiber optics industry, where fiber optic cables are usually made using glass fibers that come from waste glass found in windows and other types of glass. 

Glass is typically thrown away because it cannot be reused due to the fact that it becomes brittle over time. However, by turning waste into useful parts one can save a lot of money and ultimately be better off with the salvaged technology than if they had sold or recycled the glass for new purposes.

4. Chiropractic Tables- 

The use of salvaged technology in chiropractor tables is increasing every day. It’s getting increasingly difficult for people to afford the price of a whole new table, so they turn to salvaged technology as a more cost-effective solution. Salvaging parts from broken tables can not only save the environment, but it can save you some money as well! 

There are many things that you can salvage from broken tables and re-purpose for your other tables. One of the best known companies that does this is Maas International N.V., located in Valkenswaard, The Netherlands. This company has been salvaging parts from broken tables for over forty years and still does today. The company has between 50 and 100 employees and they are known around the world for their salvage technology.

5. Furniture- 

Salvaged technology is used in furniture as well. There is a company called “Wise Use Old Stuff”, which is located in Alberta, Canada that uses salvaged technology to build furniture. The products they sell include tables, beds and many more pieces of furniture that were built using salvaged technology. You might even be surprised to discover that some furniture you own could have used salvaged technology in its construction!

6. Car Covers- 

Car covers are a great use for salvaged technology. The covers are made out of hard plastic and they last a long time. Also, they are very easy to pop on and off so they can be used over and over again without the need to buy a new car cover every time you want to change the look of your vehicle! Salvaged technology is being used in making car covers that last and can be removed easily. They make it easier for everyone to protect their cars from road debris.

7. Lighting- 

Salvaged lighting is also a great idea for the environment. There are several companies that use salvaged technology to make these unique lights, which are very inexpensive and often last much longer than the traditional light bulbs used in homes and businesses today. Most of the lights made out of salvaged technology don’t need a ballast because they were originally designed without them. 

These lights use mostly LED bulbs, which are energy efficient and last up to ten years before needing to be replaced! This is a great option for anyone who wants to save money on their electricity bill and do their part for the environment.


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