Skyrim Crashes on Loading Screen or After Fast Traveling

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Skyrim, one of the most popular games in recent years, has a bug that causes it to crash when you start it on the loading screen or after fast traveling. If this happens to you, don’t fret — there is a workaround that we’ll show you. This blog post will explain what might be going wrong and how to fix it.

This bug can be rather annoying for players who are looking for an immersive experience. It might also be difficult to debug, as it is happening in a background process — the game itself doesn’t crash, only the launcher.

You might be in the process of playing the game, but it will automatically crash and restart. However, this is entirely dependent on your hardware and system configuration. You could be experiencing this bug on a computer that runs other games (or even Skyrim) fine.

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1. Why is Skyrim crashing?

Skyrim was not designed to be started while playing a different game; the engine that manages other applications was never intended to handle this. The cause of the crash is unknown, but it could be due to one of these things:

A bug in the Steam client or launcher program. (The Steam client should simply open to your Desktop.) Or even just a typo on the page that gets downloaded from steam into RAM (which sounds unlikely if you see some issues with how steam installs things, that’s probably why. 

A program running in the background is interfering with Skyrim’s installation. A bad game file that was damaged, corrupted, or was installed incorrectly.

2. Some simple ways to fix it

Remove your mods and try again, temporarily disabled programs that might interfere with the installation process (such as your antivirus software). Delete the skyrim folder in Program Files, and then reinstall steam. 

Install Skyrim manually through steam, then uninstall and reinstall steam itself. Try launching Skyrim on a different computer if you’re able to load without crashing/restarting, then it’s likely a Steam program configuration issue. (This one might be a bit harder to prove beyond a shadow of a doubt, but worth looking into.)

3. How to diagnose the problem

For this task you’ll need to have access to another computer running Microsoft Windows (XP/Vista/Windows 7). Launch Skyrim using Steam in Windows Start menu and click the “Play” button on the left. 

After starting, navigate your way to the main menu and try pressing Ctrl+Alt+Delete on your keyboard in tandem. The buttons should light up if it’s working properly, and it will crash at this point and try launching again.

If the buttons don’t light up, you’re probably experiencing a bug that we’ve documented on our knowledge base. (It’s not a bug per se, but it will cause the game to crash no matter what.)

4. Additional information about this Skyrim crash problem

When the button lights are pressed and you crash, it’s telling us that game processes will be killed when playing other games through Steam. In some circumstances, this is fine, in others it isn’t. 

This is decided by Steam with no real way to override the decision, if Steam does not want to handle two games at once, then it won’t.

As said above, this is not a bug per se, but it will cause the game to crash no matter what. There is simply a limitation on how well Steam can run while you’re playing Skyrim at the same time.

5. Fixing when it causes problems

The above points are a list of potential fixes but, if you’ve exhausted these options and all the games on your computer work fine while they’re open, then the problem is probably in Skyrim itself. (This can be tricky to prove beyond a shadow of a doubt though.)

There are some steps you can try here. If you’re able to play another game and even Skyrim works fine when launched, but still crashes with this bug, then something is wrong with your uninstall process for Steam. 

You may want to look into how Steam is installed and uninstall it. (You might be able to skip that step if it’s already been done.

A major reason for this problem may be caused by incomplete installation or corrupted files. (This is similar to the problem with Steam itself, but with Skyrim as a specific example.) If that’s the case, try reinstalling Skyrim. 

If the game is installed correctly and you’re still experiencing this crash problem, then there may be an underlying problem.


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