Software Providers in the World of iGaming: Importance and Tasks


Engineers have always been key identifies in the construction of projects. They can ensure the framework is stable, withstands different issues, and will be pleasant for people to use.

The same happens within the gambling industry. Software engineers shape the heart of a gaming site — its entertainment. If it were not for them, platforms would be nothing but shells.

The experts at Casino Market decided to define the most crucial aspects in the development of casino software solutions by providers.

Simplification of the Project Elaboration

Programming engineers significantly reduce the complexity of casino creation. Instead of wasting time and resources on the individual development of games, it is possible to resort to professional providers. 

Such teams usually have a well-structured hierarchy, with each department being responsible for a separate task. This means that designers and visual creators are busy with graphical development, while coders are in charge of the functionality. In the end, all aspects are combined into a high-quality casino game.

Lowering the Cost of Advancement

The services of a provider are not cheap. However, in the long-term, resources spent on the assistance of a professional developer pay off significantly. How is this possible? Since an operator resorts to an expert team, the latest implementation technologies are used, and the chance of an arising issue is minimal.

Alternatively, in the case of an individual elaboration or a cheap development, the product can be of low quality. As a result, an operator has to spend much on upgrades and new advancements. This leads to extra expenditures and wasted resources.

Cutting Time for the Development

When experts are involved in the creation process, the result will surely be a quality product. However, the question of the time necessary for its implementation remains open. An individual elaboration implies learning a lot about casino entertainment and its peculiarities. When a provider of software gets engaged, the development period can be cut significantly.

A new game typically takes a few months to design from a concept to a fully working prototype. Considering the modern demands of the audience, this is not a simple slot that comes in the result. Progressive software manufacturers spend this time elaborating a complex product with non-linear gameplay and sophisticated mechanics. It is extremely hard to achieve with individual efforts, so the assistance of creators is invaluable.

Integration of Libraries

Keeping in mind that even for a professional company it takes a few months to come up with a single game, an operator will spend years filling the casino. That is why content creators have an existing assortment of software, ready to be installed on the platform.

A renowned provider usually has around 500 titles to offer to operators. This is more than enough to satisfy different categories of site visitors and generate the desired reputation over time. To achieve this, it is also necessary to analyse the audience to ensure the selected products match their desires and cultural identity.

Ensuring Software Safety

Besides a beautiful picture and an engaging gaming process, a gambling content supplier integrates the necessary protective measures during the development. Casino entertainment is connected closely with money and private data. Therefore, a reliable manufacturer of games ensures that this information is confidential.

What safety measures are used during the software elaboration:

  1. SSL encryption. An advanced level of security is assured thanks to different ranks of information encoding. The most common one is 256-bit. However, the modern technological progression allows ciphering data up to 2048-bit levels.
  2. Firewall. The configuration of settings establishes a peculiar standard that filters away the entry of specific traffic to the site. It prevents undesirable connections from messing up with the server.
  3. Random number generator. In order to ensure the results of a game are not rigged and do not depend either on a platform or a player, the software provider preconfigures the winning payout. 

These 3 pillars of gambling content security make it much easier for operators to be sure about the safety of their clients. In combination with two-factor authentication on the site, responsible gambling principles, and anti-money-laundering tools, the platform becomes impenetrable for hackers, criminals, and bonus abusers.

Consolidation of Gambling Suppliers

Casino content developers are undoubtedly making the lives of operators much simpler and more convenient. A constant supply of games helps assuring updates of entertainment to diversify the visitors’ pastime. However, a single provider is usually not enough to get to a considerable level of distinct assortment.

The main reasons to cooperate with a few content creators include:

  • targeting different cultural zones and offering corresponding amusement;
  • diversifying the graphics proposition on the site to prevent players from getting bored;
  • supporting the competition among providers for the development of better content;
  • comparing different offers, prices, and qualities;
  • selecting the best propositions out of the available assortment.

To avoid wasting much time on communicating with separate providers, an entrepreneur can resort to an aggregator Casino Market. The organisation partners with the majority of top niche representatives and introduces the best solutions for different regions.

More information on cooperation with the brand can be found via:

  • Skype: support.casinosupermarket
  • Telegram: @turnkey_casino_software
  • e-mail: [email protected]


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