Take a step into the World of Sexy Underwear for Men with These Eight Tips!


There is no particular way of feeling sexy. Men’s sexy underwear may seem limited, but if you’re prepared to venture beyond your 3-year-old tighty whities and your comfort zone, you’ll find a wide variety of alternatives, ranging from the modest yet flattering to the daring and ridiculous.

To begin, look for anything form-fitting:

Changing from boxer shorts to boxer briefs or full-on briefs is a straightforward solution. The prospect of a fresh start might be alluring. It’s also a fantastic starting point for the apprehensive or unsure.

In addition, there are a few methods to change the appearance of this look:

  • Try a pair of underwear with a strap on the side instead of a panel.
  • When it comes to clothing, don’t be scared to experiment with patterns (think army camouflage, stripes, checkers, dots etc.)
  • Wear anything with a penis pouch or sleeve if you’re feeling very brave.


When it comes to fabric, briefs haven’t changed much in recent years.

There are G-strings for men that don’t leave much to the imagination but are a very common form of men’s sexy underwear.

Jockey underwear can be a good option for you if you’re a sports enthusiast (they fit like a jockstrap but without the protection)

The third step is to experiment with cutouts.

Things like jock straps are distinct from briefs and G-strings in that they have a predetermined design and may be classified as such.

Instead of a design-oriented utility, some variations have sections of cloth cut out for a more aesthetic look. Whatever you desire, you can do it.


There’s no problem with women wearing men’s clothing (think of a woman in just a business shirt). When a guy is wearing underwear that’s a little more on the feminine side, it suddenly becomes “strange.” Bro, this is unfair and uncool.

It’s okay if you want to make a statement because plenty of models incorporate lace, floral graphics, or other female-centric designs. With a men’s cut and in black, you may keep within the acceptable spectrum of masculinity. If you’re feeling daring, go for a glittering, unicorn-themed thong and show off your new look.

Keep in mind that a person is a keeper if you enjoy wearing it and they enjoy seeing you in it.

It’s time to try something easy to get to!

Pull-away panels, folds, corset-like strings, slings, cock holes, and zippers, to name a few, provide the wearer with a wide range of options.


You’ve all seen them: animal-inspired thongs or boxer underwear for men (the elephant is the obvious one).

Scrotum and foot ties are common on several of these gadgets. In the eyes of the world, you’re a piece of shit. The one I like best has a small rabbit tail on the back.


Laughter is contagious, and it’s a win-win situation for everyone involved. That’s a plus, too.

Take a Closer Look at It.

Make sure the attractive underwear you’ve purchased truly fits you before wearing it. It appears droopy, drooping, and melancholy since it’s too large. Things begin to sag if the bag is too tiny (in unpleasant ways).

Advanced tip: Before making a purchase, ensure you’ve taken accurate measurements of your body. This will give you the chance to shop with confidence.

As a general guideline, you should buy a size that matches your pants. When it comes to shoes, size is everything. You may verify the elastic’s “give” by holding a sample up to your waist and measuring the circumference.


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