In the 1939 film, “Nemo’s Quest”, Jeff Tracy and Captain Nemo of the Nautilus are featured as they explore a vast underwater cave system. After finding the entrance to a hidden underground world, they come across an astonishing set of ancient cities submerged below the surface. The cities were carved out of solid rock and could not have been created by any known means of nemo’s collections

It is often attributed to these sunken cities that writer Jules Verne came up with his idea for an underwater civilization in Paris in 1870.

1. The Futuristic Technology Of NEMO’S BODY

In the film, a giant metal sphere sits on top of the Nautilus and it is this metal sphere that becomes the secret base of Nemo’s headquarters.  From what can be seen in the film, it is believed that this metal sphere was most likely used as a defensive weapon and could have been mounted onto the Nautilus to repel any attack from above.  It is also very likely that this metal sphere was also capable of projecting an electromagnetic field to shield itself from attacks from below as well.

2. The Ancient City Of Atlantis Found Below The Sinking Sea

At the end of “The Secret Of NEMO’S COLLECTIONS”, the city of Atlantis is shown to still be intact and flooded with water as it was at the time of its destruction.  This is a curious development because many scientists state that there are no records of an ancient civilization being destroyed by a natural disaster.  It is here that Stephen Hawking, in his book “A Brief History Of Time” writes:

“If our civilization continues to make progress, there will some day be colonists on Mars, and perhaps this planet can harbour life for a long time. If so, the long-term survival of the human race is made more likely. But it is also possible that this colonization of space will destroy the important ozone layer, letting in deadly ultraviolet rays from the Sun on Earth. In that case, all life on Earth would be at risk.”


Also in “A Brief History Of Time” by Stephen Hawking, he states that if we find a cure for cancer or Alzheimer’s disease then we will have really found a way to live forever.  It is here where he hypothesizes that once the human race discovers how to stop the aging process or live forever, we will not explore space because Earth will be our only home.  This same idea is posed in “The Secret Of NEMO’S COLLECTIONS” where Captain Nemo and his crew do not return back to civilization but instead reside on their secret undersea base.

4. The Meteoric Fall Of Atlantis

In Greek mythology, there was a giant and advanced civilization called Atlantis that was ruled over by a man named Atlas who possessed an array of advanced technologies and weaponry such as giant metal spheres and laser beams.  This civilization was destroyed in an event known as the “meteoric fall” which lasted for nine days, and many of Atlantis’ inhabitants perished.  The fall of Atlantis is said to have taken place approximately 11,000 years ago.

5. Ancient Subs Of The Great Flood

In the film “THE SECRET OF NEMO’S COLLECTIONS”, it is also found out that there are ancient subs hidden around the world that were built during the time of Atlantis and there are also records that speak of a flood that destroyed all in its path.  It is here where all of the reports are about a flood that is recorded in history called the Great Flood.  

6. The Statue Of Atlas

In “The Secret Of NEMO’S COLLECTIONS”, there is a statue of Atlas, who according to Greek mythology was at one time the ruler of Atlantis who had an entire city carved from solid rock.  This stone colossal statue apparently imitates an Atlantian who was known as “Atlas” and this man was known to have the ability to change into animals and apparitions.  A statue like this would not be possible without advanced technology or materials which would require years, if not decades, of research and development.

7. The Great Flood In History

According to legend, the Bible and Greek mythology there existed a civilization that was destroyed by a massive flood which lasted for 40 days and 40 nights.  In the Old Testament in the Book of Genesis it was Noah who built an ark during this time and saved himself, his family and the various species of animals from extinction.  In Greek mythology it was Deucalion who survived the Great Flood by building an ark out of whatever materials he could find and also loaded this ark with animals.  What is unexplained about these reports is why scientists have not found any evidence of these floods or a large enough amount of water to cause such destruction in any part of history. 


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