The Technological Advancements In Underground Mining


For thousands of years, people have dug for valuable minerals and become too dependent on that such as gold, silver, chalk, and ore. Since that time, humans have been putting forth an effort to do so. Human underground mining was too difficult in the past, we can say 50 years ago. 

Miners used to dig with primitive tools, which slowed and prolonged the process. However, thanks to technological advancements, the old mines have not remained the same. The mining process has enhanced with innovation and advancement in technology, becoming safer, more productive, and more cost-effective than ever. 

Here in this article, we discuss some of the major difficulties and dangers that were there in the mining industry and how technology has brought a change and made things less dangerous. 

Mining- A Dangerous Profession

Due to many serious incidents in the mining industry, it has remained one of the most dangerous professions. Some of the dangers that miners face are:

Explosions And Chemical Leaks

Explosions and chemical leaks are the most common accidents that are faced by miners. Due to less no ventilation in the cave, the gas tends to build up from certain chemicals and explodes when it gets in contact with the heat source. 

Apart from explosions, chemical leaks also happen since the use of chemicals is necessary to transform the minerals from their natural state to the refined state, these chemicals can prove deadly if not handled properly or inhaled by mistake. 


Heavy rainfalls can cause floods in the mines. It happens when the rain continuously runs off the surface of the cave and makes it flow with water leading to deadly collapses of the structure of the mine and becoming a trap for those who are working in the mines and as well as above on the ground.

Technology Has Made Automated Solutions

In modern times, the mining industry like Newtrax has innovated new and better ways to reduce the dangers and risks of the mining profession. The whole process has been improved and become more efficient. Some of the trending technologies used in the mining industry are:

Use Of Drones

Mining surveys with the help of drones have added significant value to the overall underground mining operations. Because of the hectic nature of mining, worker safety has become the topmost priority. drones are not only used in the mining world just to access data but also to identify any hazardous situation that may put the worker’s life at risk. 

With the help of drones,  You can inspect otherwise tough or high-traffic zones using HD images from drones without risking yourself or any workers.

Autonomous Vehicles

Using automation technology such as self-driving or autonomous vehicles, above-ground trucks and underground ore carriers can serve the purpose 24 hours a day while eliminating the workers from the dangers and risks involved in their work areas. 

The human effort that was required in the past for operations such as ore-carrying, is decreasing as a result of technological advancements. The use of such devices and vehicles can improve miners’ underground experience while also increasing the safety, efficiency, and sustainability of underground mining operations.

Virtual Reality And Optimized Blasting

Miners can be given training in the tough work of explosives using virtual reality technology without putting themselves in danger. Regardless of how well-trained the workers are, some operations require a one-time try like blasting in the mining operations. 

Using virtual technology, trainees can practice setting, and activating explosives in a safe setting. during a try, if they make any mistake, they get the opportunity to learn how they can improve it and do it in a better way without compromising the life of workers.


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