Tips on How to Travel with CBD

Travel with CBD

CBD products, especially CBD oil, are widely popular among travelers. But can you fly with CBD oil? Is it legal to take it on the plane?

Unfortunately, the answer to these questions is not straightforward. Carefully read this article if you have plans to travel carrying CBD products

Can You Fly With CBD Oil?

Flying even within your state makes you subject to federal laws. Under the Farms Bill 2018, travelers can take cannabidiol and other cannabinoids as long as they contain less than 0.3% of THC on a dry weight basis.

Can you bring CBD oil on a plane? There is no answer in black and white. The confusion surrounding the legality of cannabis products does not end despite their federal legal status. Flying with CBD could land you in hot waters when the states do not permit the possession and use of CBD oil.

Therefore, it is your responsibility as a traveler to know about local state laws that govern the possession and use of CBD.

CBD Oil in Hand Luggage

Online CBD forums are rife with questions like, “Can I take CBD oil in my hand luggage?”. The short answer to such questions is yes.

You can pack CBD oil in your carry-on bag using containers under 3 ounces. Travelers who need to carry larger quantities for medical reasons can do so after getting approval from a Transportation Security Administration (TSA) officer. They usually approve the request after running additional screening on your product. Remember, under TSA rules, passengers cannot board a plane with liquids over 3 ounces.

Can I Travel Internationally With CBD Oil?

As the legalization movement is gathering momentum, more and more governments are lifting the restrictions on the purchase, possession, and use of CBD. Is it legal to travel with CBD oil? Again, there is no pat answer to the question. 

When traveling with CBD products such as oils or capsules,it is critical to remember CBD legality changes with your location. CBD is illegal in a few European countries, such as Iceland, Monaco, and Montenegro.

Similarly, you cannot carry CBD with you in Asian countries, including Vietnam and Cambodia, where it is a restricted product. Individuals thinking of traveling to Africa and the Middle East should avoid taking CBD with them since it is a banned product among the majority of the countries.

Your best bet to avoid trapping into an undesirable situation could be knowing about laws before landing in a country. Make sure your destination country (and any countries or states you are traveling through) allow possession and use of CBD.

Final Thoughts

CBD products are not universally legal across the world. Therefore, you need to find out the legal status of cannabidiol before planning to carry it with you. CBD is legal in some places, while it is a banned product in other countries.

Whether you have plans to travel within the country or fly across the borders, knowledge of local laws can ensure your safety and wellbeing. When you are not sure whether it is legal to carry CBD with you or not, seeking guidance from TSA and Foreign Department could help you get the required information.


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