Unveiling the Cast of Byomkesh O Durgo Rahasya


The cast of “Byomkesh O Durgo Rahasya” is a stellar lineup of talented actors who bring their characters to life with depth and nuance. This Bengali film, based on the famous fictional detective Byomkesh Bakshi created by Sharadindu Bandyopadhyay, has captivated audiences with its gripping storyline and compelling performances. Let’s take a closer look at the cast members who make this movie a memorable cinematic experience.

Main Cast:

Abir Chatterjee as Byomkesh Bakshi:

  • Abir Chatterjee portrays the iconic role of Byomkesh Bakshi with finesse and charisma. He delves deep into the character’s intellect and intuition, capturing the essence of the legendary detective with his nuanced performance.

Arindam Sil as Ajit:

  • Arindam Sil shines as Ajit, Byomkesh’s trusted friend and confidant. His on-screen chemistry with Abir Chatterjee adds depth to their investigative partnership, creating a compelling dynamic that drives the narrative forward.

Indraneil Sengupta as Udayan:

  • Indraneil Sengupta brings his talent to the role of Udayan, a key character in the mystery that unfolds in the film. His portrayal adds layers to the storyline, keeping the audience engaged and intrigued throughout.

Supporting Cast:

Koushik Sen as Satyakam:

  • Koushik Sen delivers a riveting performance as Satyakam, a character with shades of grey who plays a pivotal role in the plot. His portrayal adds a sense of mystery and intrigue to the narrative, keeping viewers on the edge of their seats.

Sohini Sarkar as Ira:

  • Sohini Sarkar captivates audiences with her portrayal of Ira, a character who brings a touch of vulnerability and strength to the story. Her on-screen presence adds depth to the film, complementing the central mystery with emotional resonance.

Dulal Lahiri as Maganlal Meghraj:

  • Dulal Lahiri impresses in the role of Maganlal Meghraj, a character shrouded in mystery and intrigue. His performance adds a layer of suspense to the narrative, keeping viewers guessing about his true intentions till the very end.

Cameo Appearances:

Anjan Dutt as Bhushan:

  • Anjan Dutt makes a memorable cameo appearance as Bhushan, a character who adds a unique perspective to the storyline. His brief yet impactful role leaves a lasting impression on the audience, showcasing his versatility as an actor.

Suprobhat Das as Jatayu:

  • Suprobhat Das shines in his cameo as Jatayu, a character who brings comic relief to the narrative. His quirky portrayal adds a lighthearted touch to the film, balancing the tension with moments of levity.


The cast of “Byomkesh O Durgo Rahasya” delivers a standout performance, bringing their characters to life with depth, emotion, and intrigue. Each actor adds a unique dimension to the narrative, contributing to the overall success of the film. With their stellar performances, they elevate the story of Byomkesh Bakshi to new heights, captivating audiences and leaving a lasting impact.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

  1. What is the plot of “Byomkesh O Durgo Rahasya”?
  2. The film follows detective Byomkesh Bakshi as he investigates a complex mystery revolving around a series of puzzling events and characters.

  3. Is “Byomkesh O Durgo Rahasya” based on a book?

  4. Yes, the movie is based on the literary works of Sharadindu Bandyopadhyay, who created the character of Byomkesh Bakshi.

  5. How does Abir Chatterjee’s portrayal of Byomkesh compare to other actors who have played the role?

  6. Abir Chatterjee brings his own interpretation and style to the character, breathing new life into Byomkesh Bakshi with his nuanced performance.

  7. What sets “Byomkesh O Durgo Rahasya” apart from other detective films in Bengali cinema?

  8. The film stands out for its intricate plot, strong character development, and stellar performances by the cast, creating a captivating cinematic experience.

  9. Is the film accessible to viewers who are not familiar with the Byomkesh Bakshi series?

  10. Yes, “Byomkesh O Durgo Rahasya” can be enjoyed by both fans of the series and newcomers, as it offers a fresh take on the detective genre with its engaging storyline.

  11. Are there any sequels or prequels to “Byomkesh O Durgo Rahasya”?

  12. The film is part of a series of Byomkesh Bakshi adaptations, with each installment exploring new mysteries and challenges for the iconic detective.

  13. What was the reception of “Byomkesh O Durgo Rahasya” among critics and audiences?

  14. The film received praise for its strong performances, engaging storyline, and faithful adaptation of the source material, earning accolades from both critics and viewers.

  15. Who is the director of “Byomkesh O Durgo Rahasya”?

  16. The film is directed by Anjan Dutt, known for his expertise in bringing literary adaptations to the big screen with finesse and creativity.

  17. What themes does “Byomkesh O Durgo Rahasya” explore throughout the movie?

  18. The film delves into themes of mystery, deception, loyalty, and justice, offering a thought-provoking narrative that keeps audiences invested till the end.

  19. Are there any hidden clues or Easter eggs in “Byomkesh O Durgo Rahasya” for attentive viewers?

  20. Yes, the movie is filled with subtle details and clever references that avid fans of the detective genre may appreciate, adding an extra layer of depth to the viewing experience.


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