Top 6 Reasons Why Gamers Still Play World of Warcraft After All Those Years


In 2022, the world-famous and beloved MMORPG will celebrate its 18th anniversary. From the very beginning to this day, millions of gamers have been fighting challenging bosses, completing raids of various difficulty levels, playing as various characters, and fighting their enemies. There are those who continue to play for many years. There are thousands of such veterans around the world. However, the most interesting thing is that the number of beginner gamers continues to skyrocket every year. 

Why is it still successful? What arcane magic is used by the game’s developers to continue retaining regular players and increasing the number of newcomers? We will talk about what is the reason for such success and why millions of users continue to play this game. 

Easy to start playing 

Many games of this genre are characterized by the fact that it is quite difficult for beginners to start. They should plunge into the gameplay without understanding what is happening right away. In addition to the fact that you can find a lot of tips in the game, on the Internet you will find a lot of reference materials, various tutorials, and guides that explain each stage of the game in the simplest possible way. You can find everything, be it raid guides, dungeon guides, or practical tips on how to get gold. If something does not work out, then you can use valuable services that help you complete quests or buy WoW gold

Moreover, the gaming community is well developed. Everyone can visit game forums or Discord channels where experienced players will provide support. At the same time, everyone likes it, both adults and children, both boys and girls. There are no restrictions here. 

Regular updates 

The fun never ends. Developers delight users with new extensions and additions, each of which is better than the previous one. Of course, not all expansions have won the recognition of the players. However, the developers are trying to listen to the fans, taking into account their wishes. 

So, the latest patch 9.2.5 will allow players to finally play together regardless of the faction. The bloody struggle between the two groups will cease to be so acute. Now friends belonging to different parties will be able to play together and help each other. Many have been waiting for this for many years and now it will become possible. 

Immersive experience 

Starting to play, users are immersed in a world that captures them entirely. Each character, villain, or hero has a rich story to explore. Many users lose the concept of time because the plot is incredibly exciting. 

Users watch videos and buy books based on the game to learn all the things they may have inadvertently missed. Quality content and an exciting story make this game a leader among all others. 

Player retention 

Although not every expansion has been a huge success, Blizzard still knows how to keep players. From the very beginning, the company presented something very interesting: compelling design and captivating gameplay. This made many instantly fall in love with the game. Each time, with the release of a new update, developers delight users with new content, simplifying the initial stages for beginners, and complicating content for veterans who want to show what they are capable of. 

Now we can see how many things are changing. Cross-faction play and the development of the plot with dragons will undoubtedly arouse interest even among those who have stopped playing for some reason. 

Advanced reward system 

The longer players play, the more valuable rewards they receive. This is another good reason for the attachment of players. By completing various tasks, quests, and missions, everyone receives rewards. The more experience you have, the more significant achievements you get.  

Besides, who doesn’t want to brag about what they’ve achieved? All awards and achievements are displayed in the player ratings. Thus, everyone strives to become stronger and more experienced, reaching more and more peaks, pumping their skill. 

At the same time, other players can see what you have achieved. Many will aspire to achieve the same success. Another thing that many gamers are striving for is getting more creatures and animals to move around on, that is, mounts. They are both ground and flying. Veterans are rewarded with incredibly rare mounts. 


There are many amazing video games out there with high-quality graphics. However, not everyone can play such games because their computer is not powerful enough. In such cases, it remains only to drool or save up to buy a more powerful device. 

WoW cannot boast of super graphics and therefore everyone can start playing with a computer with a quad-core processor. In addition, players pay little attention to the graphics. The game attracts players with other aspects such as content, rewards, and the largest player community in the world. 


In the real world, WoW will come of age this year. Amid countless video games, this game remains quite popular among gamers around the world. It attracts not only with graphics but with high-quality content, a lot of character customization options, a reward system, the largest gaming community, and regular updates. 


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