Warzone Tips: 5 Ways To Improve Your Play


After the launch of Call of Duty: Warzone, the gaming world discovered a new level of excitement in the play. With 100 million players worldwide, the free-to-play battle royale game is showing no signs of going out of trend. Even the best players have dropped in the zone for uncountable times and are yet on our way to understanding the strategies of victory. So, here we are to present you with some useful and undetected warzone hacks that can help you sustain for more time in the tense warzone. Then read on to increase your chances of winning in your next warzone battle. 

Keep A Check On The Rarity List  

Making your rarity list full of excellent equipment will offer you a higher position in the warzone. Therefore, you must ensure that your looted weapons are beneficial enough to offer you complete assistance in the warzone. The red gun counts as regular, the orange one is considered legendary, and the epic one is the purple gun. On the contrary, blue is rare, green is usual, and white is common. So, it is quite obvious that an orange gun possesses more value than its white counterpart. No matter whether you need to alter your landing area or be attentive about the tier list, the ongoing hunt for better equipment should not be put on a halt. It is also essential to be aware of your strengths and weaknesses to use a weapon to its full potential. 

Use Sound As Your Strength 

Sound plays a pivotal role when you are playing in the warzone so make sure to turn on and increase the volume of your game. Be it Fortnite or Lootcrates, and the players can listen to it all. While holding the weapons, the shimmering chests create a humming sound that may be useful for you. Also, taking note of your enemies footsteps can be fruitful for any FPS title because the footsteps provide the enemy’s location and makes it more convenient to assassinate them. Your inability to hear can probably lead to your defeat or land you in such an adverse situation that could have been easily avoided in the case of maintaining a higher volume in the game. 

Make The Ping System Your Biggest Advantage 

Be it pinging an enemy, local, or item, and it is about sustaining regular communication between you and your teammates. Your team’s efficiency will level up with better communication. The ping system can be applied to fulfill challenges and goals to achieve killstreaks, revive teams and drop kits. Also, focus on using the minimap more as it is one of the most vital objects in your inventory, and it never disappears. As it is your lifeline, make sure to use it to your benefit. 

Upgrade Your Level Of 1-1 Game 

Even if you are down, you will not be left out of this game. In such a situation, you will be posted in a 1 Vs. 1 area where you will have to complete the task of killing the opposite player to regain your position in the game. This feature can be used once, and after being victorious, if you are downed again, there will be no option to join your team for the third time. Therefore, be smart enough to make the most out of this opportunity. Utilize your cover as a trump card to save yourself in a game that you have no chances of winning. Employing clever strategies and bait can also help you outshine the opponent.   

Generate An Amazing Loadout 

Knowing what sort of player you are can be advantageous in creating an impactful loadout. Use a sniper or LMG with an AR/SMG secondary and overkill. For achieving your custom load, you need to take it from the Loadout Crate dropped in the warzone throughout the playtime. Choose the loot wisely to be ready for your custom loadout. 

Final Words

Call of Duty is that sort of game that can take away your boredom in a minute with its extreme level of thrill and excitement. Though the struggle of surviving in the warzone is difficult enough, the pleasure of succeeding is even more. If you wish to create an impactful performance in your upcoming Call of Duty Warzone match, employ these 5 tips and witness the difference on your own. 


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