Bored? Awesome Games You Can Play


Playing games can be a lot of fun. They’re also a great way to blow off some steam, while at the same time exercising your mind and having fun! Whether you play on your phone, tablet or computer, there are some awesome games out there to keep you entertained while you’re waiting in line at the grocery store or just killing some time.

We put together an overview of these games from Ilventofailsuogiro so that whenever boredom strikes, you’ll know exactly what game to play to get back into that happy mindless state without any fuss.

Simon, I’m Bigger Now!

This game is super simple, but super fun. All you have to do is press the number keys to make Simon jump higher. When you hit the spacebar, he jumps farther than before. Collect stars while you’re at it!

Buck Bumble

Don’t let the cute little face fool you; this game is hard as hell. You play as a cute little bumble bee that’s out to catch some delicious pollen by flying around and collecting flowers that are close by. It sounds easy enough at first, but the controls are already tricky enough; try not to fly past any obstacles or fall off too many ledges!.

Indoor Golf

Here’s something for the whole family. Adults would love to play a realistic game of golf indoors during the off-season. Kids may also be interested, especially those who want to become a golfer someday. The Garmin Approach 10 Launch Monitor is an entry-level simulator, but it offers fantastic features enough to turn a newbie into a pro. 

I, Zombie

This is a pretty simple game, but it’s absolutely hilarious. It’s essentially a retro version of Simon Says played with some realistic zombie sounds and graphics. You get to choose the voice and actions of the zombies and then play against your friends over WiFi. A quick and funny enough game even if you don’t have access to WiFi!

Shark Dash 2: Submerged! (Free)

If you like crazy physics based games like Angry Birds or Color Switch, this is perfect for you. In Shark Dash 2: Submerged!, your goal is to get as far as possible by leaping from crates into the ocean. The further you go, the more money you get. Use that money to buy power ups like faster swimming or extra air while you’re underwater.

Thumb War (Free)

If you like thumb wrestling, this game is for you! The game is pretty basic; all you have to do is press buttons at the same time as your opponent in order to win each round. It’s a good test of your reaction time!

Fruit Splash 3D (Free)

This game is similar to Fruit Ninja, except it’s in 3D and has better controls. Collect fruit by clicking on them with your mouse. You can also pop floating balloons for more points. The controls are awesome in this game; you don’t have to click on the fruit, just near it.

Green Square (Free)

This game is awesome if you’re into green things or retro arcade games. Collect green squares by moving your guy left or right. If you collect enough, you get bonus points and move on to the next level! The further you get, the quicker each new level comes along. You can also collect diamonds and use an awesome grappling hook to get around if things get too hectic.

Scamper Ghost (Free)

This game is fun if you’re a fan of Pacman. It’s basically the same thing, except this time your character is a cute little ghost. You can collect coins and squish nasty spiders to get more points. The only downside is that the controls are a bit too sensitive for my liking, so if you have a hard time with games that move fast, this one might not be for you!

Car Eats Car 2 (Free)

This game is fun if you like the retro game Frogger. Your goal is to collect as many cars as you can to buy new upgrades and skins for your car. You can even turn your car into a boat or a bike if you want! Collecting coins will increase the engine gauge gauge, which allows you to go faster for faster, longer jumps across the highway. That’s how you get more points!

Monster Puzzle (Free)

This is a fun game, but it’s hard to put down once you start playing. You have to match up two pieces of puzzle that are connected by at least one square. You don’t have to match the colors; you can match any two of the colorless squares and still get a point!

Super Garden (Free)

This is a classic 2D side scrolling game. You’ve got to collect as many vegetables, fruits and flowers as you can while jumping over obstacles and avoiding birds. You also need to plant seeds on some of the flowers in order to grow them. It sounds like too much work, but once you get used to it, you’ll find it fairly simple.

Toto Chompy Bird! (Free)

This game is perfect for fans of Toto Temple Deluxe.

So what are you waiting for? These amazing games will keep boredom at bay forever! With these awesome games installed on your phone or tablet, there’s no way you can go wrong. You can even download them all together and you’ll never get bored again.


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