PA Online Casinos Outperformed NJ and All Other States


If there is one place trending right now, it is Pennsylvania after it just announced itself as the largest online casino market in the US following the recording of bumper revenues in recent months. Previously, New Jersey had long reigned as the king of online casino gambling, but bit by bit PA has steadily caught up and now overtaken the Garden State as the undisputed king of online casinos.

Actually, undisputed is a little over the top as it is a very close-run thing between the two states. Both have broken state and national records in the past and look likely to continue in that vein as the online casino industry grows in both markets. To get an idea of the reasoning behind the popularity of the best Pennsylvania online casinos, check this site. You will quickly see why PA casinos continue to appeal to and attract players.

Pennsylvania vs New Jersey (March 2022)

New Jersey had every reason to be proud when it was revealed that the state had brought in online casino revenue of $140.7 million for the month of March in 2022. After all, this was a state record and the first time it had broken the $140 million mark. It was also just short of breaking the national record in terms of monthly revenues from online casino gambling.

However, the joy was short-lived for New Jersey, the 7th richest state in the US, as Pennsylvania released its revenues from its online casino industry for the same month. New Jersey’s neighboring state and one that is now locked into a who can make more from online casinos rivalry, posted revenues of $142.7 million. This was not only a few million more revenues than what New Jersey brought in, but also the US record.

That figure also broke Pennsylvania’s previous record of $129.9 million from January this year, while also beating New Jersey’s $137.9 million records at the same time. Quite the way to dampen the New Jersey spirits!

March 2022 Online Casino Breakdown for PA

You only have to look at the year-over-year figures to see how quickly online casino gambling has grown in popularity in PA. As revealed by the Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board (PGCB), the $142.7 million brought in during March 2022 was 27.9% up on the previous year. That record revenue was also 15.7% higher than the state recorded just one month earlier. 

In terms of the genres of casino games that contributed to this record haul, it was once again video slots that topped the pile. The revenue brought in from slots was &79.2 million, which is over half the revenue earned from online casinos. 

The online casinos that contributed the most to PA’s online casino revenue were Hollywood Casino, DraftKings, and Barstool, the three partnering online casinos that operate out of the Hollywood Penn National Casino in Pennsylvania. Between them, they brought in $55 million in total revenue. Sugar House, BetRivers and Borgata at the Rivers land-based casino in Philadelphia accounted for the next largest revenues. They brought in combined revenues of $37 million in March.

PA Also Won the Revenue Race in April 2022

While Pennsylvania was unable to break its previous record set in March, the state once again beat New Jersey into second place in the online casino stakes. PA recorded online casino revenues of $138 million for April compared to New Jersey’s $136 million. This again just shows how close it is between the two states at the moment and this is likely to continue into the foreseeable. It is a hotly disputed contest between two neighboring states that have residents that share a similar love for online casino gaming. 

Who Will Win the Race to break $150 Million Monthly Revenues? 

As both New Jersey and Pennsylvania have now broken the $140 million barriers for the first time, the next milestone is $150 million. The question is, who will do it first and will it happen in 2022? 

For the first part of the question, it doesn’t take a genius from the University of Pennsylvania, one of the US’s top universities, to tell us you could argue the case for either state. The online casino markets in both have continued to grow ever since they made online casino gambling legal in the respective states. 

However, the tougher question is whether it could happen in 2022. Going out on a ledge, we think it will happen later in the year. As the colder months draw in and more people stay at home, this can only lead to more players taking part in online casino gaming rather than hitting the land-based casinos. That said, we would not be surprised if we had to wait for 2023 for this milestone to be met.


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