Hello In Ghana Is So Famous, But Why?


Ghana is where I am from and its one of the most popular destinations for vacations. In Ghana, hello means “‘Ahoi na”” In their language Twi, this word means peace. Ghana has a lot of attractions that would interest an international visitor such as museums, beaches, and the famous snake park! Hello in Ghana is so famous because it’s a beautiful country with amazing sights to see! The best way to say hello in Ghana is saying “Ahoi na!” This is also how you would want another person to greet you if they were coming into your home or office. Just like in America, you can be very informal with people you know. Use “Ahoi na, lil’ bro” to informally greet your younger brother. On the other hand, if you have a friend or family member that is older than you then I would use this phrase to greet them “Ahoi na, papa”.

Hello in Ghana is also a simple language that anybody can learn! To say hello in ‘Twi’ all you have to say is “Ahonya” and that’s it! Twi is a language that everybody knows and even if they don’t know how to speak Twi they will respond back with hello because they are so familiar with the meaning of the word.

In addition to the different greetings you would use, Ghanaians also speak with a formal tone in their language. One thing about Ghanaians is that they can be very polite, and if you greet them with a formal greeting such as “Ahoi na” then they will most likely respond with the same formality in return. This can be seen in many of the workplaces where people greet each other this way.

Hello In Ghana Is So Famous, But Why :

1. The weather

The Sunshine country is seen as a perfect place where you can enjoy the beach, a nice climate and also get the perfect view of Africa.

2. The People 

The majority of Ghanaians are very friendly, welcoming, hospitable and helpful people. They made me feel so welcomed when I visited their country. Many people in Ghana have an accent that’s different from the rest of the world which can make you feel like you’re not quite sure if they’re speaking English or what! But when it comes to greeting, they greet so warmly! I personally heard someone say “Hello” and it sounded like “Halo” which means “Hello.” Not as formal but more friendly as well as cheerful.

3. The Food

The food in Ghana is delicious and diverse! I also think that it isn’t as spicy as the states, but their Hot and Spicy food is very tasty! Also, their Vanilla ice cream makes my mouth water. It has so much flavor and it’s not too sweet like other countries in Africa. Their rice dishes, meats, soups and stews are tasty!

4. Language

I found Ghanaian language to be very fun and interesting to listen to and talk to people. I don’t know many Ghanaian people that speak English, but I do speak quite a bit of Twi (Ghana’s first language) and French. Their simple language is easy to understand!

5. The Official Language

The official language in Ghana is English even though most people in the country speak a different language than English but can still understand it due to their accent. This is because the majority of people in the country are European like Americans and have descendants from when they ruled over Ghana for centuries ago.

Ghana is not a popular country in the world with many tourists visiting the country, but there are many things to do in Ghana that will make your time there enjoyable. Their people and culture are very welcoming and they have a lot of beautiful sights and things to see! If you would like to visit Ghana, please do so! I really hope that if you go to Ghana, you’ll say “Ahoi na” when someone greets you! It’s a very friendly way of greeting people! FYI, Ghana is not a good place for a tourist to visit since the crime rate is high. But if you’re looking to visit Ghana, don’t worry as there are many hotels and resorts in Ghana and they will all be very friendly!

6. Best Place to Visit

This is difficult to answer, but if I had to pick one place in Ghana that would have been the absolute best place to visit, it would be the Akosombo Dam. This is one of the most beautiful places in Ghana and if you are interested, you can go there and see the view!

7. People’s Attitudes Towards Tourists:

Ghanaian people do not like other countries coming into their country because they want their country to be for all Ghanaians only! They would also like for tourists not to bring any non-essential items into their country such as purses and expensive cell phones.


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