What not to Post on Social Media About Your Move


Relocation is a large-scale and troublesome event, which in most cases was accompanied by stress. Collect all the furniture, interior items, appliances, and clothes, pack, pack everything and deliver to a new place — it is not at all surprising that most people after they have left, are postponed to change their place of residence. But for the moving and packing company in Marin County https://got2move.com/local/san-francisco-bay-area/marin-county/ this process is not difficult. 

Important points when organizing a move

Create a list of step-by-step actions. They can be scheduled for several days. The next stage is to decide on the right strategy. To do this, it is worth answering the question: “How are you going to get from point A to point B on the day of the move?” For more complex distances, you can calculate those familiar with trucks, and if there are none, or if the distance is significant, then you can shift some of the work onto the shoulders of professional Livermore movers.

Simple tips to help you avoid the stress of moving

Communicating with friends and colleagues in instant messengers, as well as chatting in social networks, most of us have long ceased to separate virtual life from real life. On the Internet, we exchange news and gossip, complain about problems, and share joyful events.

But few people think about the fact that a potential danger may be hidden in a publication about an upcoming move. Information that you are going to another city next weekend can be used by scammers.

By publishing the news about the upcoming change of residence, you will receive the necessary support from friends and acquaintances, but for attackers, this completely human news can become a signal to action. You and your property will be easily found.

It is preferable to refrain from sharing information like:

  • moving date and days;
  • old and new addresses;
  • pictures of your new house;
  • negative comments about your old neighborhood;
  • price of your new home;
  • valuable items you own.

Where should one begin and how should one organize the conveyance of goods? So that the move does not spoil the picture of a joyful housewarming, it is worth taking it competently. Here are some tips:

  • Planning is the key to a successful and fast move. As soon as you have decided on the date, immediately proceed to the planning stage. Make a list of things, furniture, and other property that will be transported for yourself. So you will understand what and where will be located in the new room.
  • Conditionally divide everything into categories. Put furniture and decorative items in the first category. Household appliances — in the second. Third, bring dishes and other fragile items.
  • Boxes. Stock up on a huge amount of them in different sizes. Also, the wide adhesive tape will become your indispensable friend for this period. Even dense garbage bags, a variety of “checkered” and other bags will come in handy.
  • If the furniture is oversized, and the doorways and stairs are wide enough, then you can do without disassembling it into small parts and transport it folded. Don’t forget that you can sign boxes by content. This will help you when you arrive at a new place to easily find what you need.
  • Don’t schedule shipping in the evening. Be aware of traffic jams. It is preferable to relocate in the morning or over the weekend to save money.
  • Keep all especially valuable things (jewelry, jewelry, money, and documents) with you. This also applies to medicines.

If you decide to use the services of a transport company with loaders, there is nothing to worry about. Moving professionals from Marin county professionals know their job. They will carry out an accurate calculation and transport your property quickly and without loss of quality. The reliable and high-quality packaging of our company guarantees the safety and security of property during transportation.


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