Perfect Exterior Door to Impact Your Home’s Aesthetic Appeal

exterior door

Every homeowner wants to make a justifiable impact on their home’s aesthetic appeal. From exterior doors to windows, certain interior design choices can alter the look of your home without leaving an area feeling insufficiently designed. And while some types of doors or windows are well-suited for any type of house, others are not — and that’s where this article comes in handy!

We’ve created a list of the best exterior door options that complement any type of exterior, whether you’re shopping at lowes door or elsewhere. Some door designs are long-lasting and easy to maintain while others boast sleek lines and innovative features meant to improve your opening hours.

The following are the best exterior door designs for every type of home:

1. Sliding Patio Doors

 Sliding patio doors are a great accent to any house. This door design is made for both warm and cold climates; simply roll the door open or shut to take advantage of the change in temperatures.

 They feature an easy-to-use lock that can be activated from inside the house but works flawlessly even if you’re outside. These doors slide open effortlessly and can be pulled closed just as easily with a pull or push.

2. French Doors

These doors feature arched tops and bottom panels, and they’re best for homes that have a “French” style to them. These doors are an amazing choice for homes that open up to an expansive veranda or deck area — the sweeping curve of these doors give your home’s exterior an air of sophistication. French doors make great fencing between one space in your house and another, too! 

3. Dutch Doors

Dutch doors are a great choice for smaller homes or those with less space to fill. The bottom half of these doors swing open from the bottom, while the top half swings open separately without disturbing the lower section.

 These doors are somewhat similar to sliding patio doors, but the shape and size means they aren’t ideal for all scenarios. Dutch doors are especially good for anyone who doesn’t want their view obstructed by a large door that opens inwards.

4. Bi-Fold Doors

Bi-fold doors, also known as French doors, are great for anyone with a large family. These door designs have two halves which fold inwards to reveal a large space. This means you can keep the main area of your house open while extending the living room into another space — these doors are great for anyone who doesn’t want any view obstructed by a large door that opens inwards.

5. Transom Windows

Transom windows bring an element of sophistication to any home, especially those with classic looks or simple but elegant historic styles.. These windows offer unique styling since they’re suspended from the top and are able to open up from either side or behind.

 Transom windows are great for anyone with a smaller home or one that doesn’t have adequate space for a large window. They provide enough of an opening to allow light into your home and still offer ample ventilation. Transom windows give a classic look and can improve any type of exterior design.

6. Double Doors

Double doors are the perfect choice for anyone with two entryways in their house, whether in front of the house or off the side. These doors offer you options, from sliding them open to stepping through them and gaining access to your home from either side — double doors are just like single doors, but better. They have plenty of room on the inside, so you can place all of your furniture anywhere you need.

7. Threshold and Casement Windows

This type of window is great for any home with a wooden deck or porch — these windows are suspended between the roof and the house, and they allow light into the room throughout the day when they’re open (while closing at night). 

This type of window comes in two sizes: small thresholds that fit most standard doors and larger thresholds that fit more large windows. Casement windows are just like threshold windows, but they have sash-style designs.

8. Single Doors

Single doors are the perfect choice for anyone with only one entryway in their house, whether in front of the house or off the side. These doors are fairly easy to install, and they’re made of solid wood inside and out — these doors will last through any season with little maintenance required. Single doors don’t have any fancy trimmings; they’re built for function and durability, not style.

9. Pocket Doors

Pocket doors are best for smaller houses or those with limited space — these sliding doors fit into a track in the ceiling or wall and aren’t visible from most angles. They offer a great design choice for anyone who wants a home with space to spare, and is looking for a way to make the most of the space they have.


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