Top Holiday Gift Ideas For A Booze Lover

Holiday Gift

Holiday seasons fill up the air with brightness and merriness all around. What’s more? The holiday season commences with parties, music, and yes, of course, opening bottles and corks to add to the holiday party delight. 

So, are you someone who is about to attend a party soon? Are you looking for something to give to a host who loves booze? Ranging from distillers to winemakers, wine, and various other alcoholic stuff, there are numerous things that you can give to add a holiday boost to your gifting skills. 

So why not try out these quirky boozy gift ideas to spruce up the party fervor this year:

Salt tequila glasses

For those friends who love to raise a toast of tequila, salt shot glasses are a classy item to give. Though these Himalayan salt shot glasses do not last forever and are for one-time use, they are a fantastic gift that allows people to lick the glass after taking the tequila to consume Himalayan grade salt.

Wall bottle opener

For friends who have a small bar corner in their home, a wall bottle opener is something thoughtful that can be mounted on the sidewall. Every time one wishes to open a beer bottle, they won’t have to search helter and skelter for a bottle opener. 

One can simply proceed to the place where the wall bottle opener is mounted and can get the beverage to make its way to their stomach in no time. These bottles are available in stylish formats and are highly convenient to use.

Cocktail shaker

If you have a friend who loves to host booze parties, every now and then, a personalized cocktail shaker can work out the perfect spell for being a pro at gifting skills. You can get the shaker customized with newly signature drinks or their favorite cocktail recipes to add more of a personalized touch.

Whisky gift set

Know someone who loves whisky? What more could a whisky lover ask for than a whisky gift set to taste some ingenious whisky for free? These gift sets are quite popular these days and fit any celebration that calls for tasting the best flavors. 

The best part is that these gift sets are readily available, and you can easily buy whisky gift set for your pals with whom you love partying.

Whisky tumbler

Though this gift stands out as common and obvious, it has its own charm and grandeur. Alcohol does not taste the way it should until and unless it goes down your tract via the right kind of glass. Hence, gifting a boozy buddy a set of personalized frosted tumblers is pretty much a meaningful and thoughtful gift idea.


These were a few awesome gifting ideas that can be considered giving a nod while planning a thoughtful gift to giveaway to a booze lover. The above-mentioned gifts can add holiday cheer followed by multiple cheers together. So, what would you like to give to your go-to bar buddy? Do let us know!


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